Liveblog: Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Episode 7

So, last time the girls went back to their normal lives after finishing their mission of defeating the Vertex and saving the world… only to discover that the Magical Girl Sys—the Hero System isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It would be great if these kind of things came with a physical contract and you were able to call lawyers to check any loopholes. Less broken hearts that way.

Pastoral Pleasures

Oh no… oh no!

This is a beach episode. God have mercy on us all.

I joke but it’s one of the many reasons anime is looked at funny by a lot of people. Yeah, yeah, I know “cultural differences” and all but having the plot come to a halt so we can see the characters in bikinis is a bit annoying regardless of where you grew up in.

Still, from what I have seen that usually happens with long-running series that need to pad out the story so chances are this won’t happen here with a 12-episode series. At least I hope so.

But anyway, let’s focus on the plot—if we’re going to see any of that here. Yuna is pushing Togo in her wheelchair and both enjoy themselves at the beach. This conversation reveals that Yuna indeed addresses the audience of the show, as in, the little narrations at the beginning of each episode are actually happening in-universe. I’m surprised Togo accepts that as a fact of life.

Cut to the blonde sisters. Itsuki still can’t speak which is starting to worry me a little but if there’s an episode where she could eventually start recovering, it would be the lighthearted beach-centered one. At least she’s having fun. Good thing she never mentioned her singing career to Fu because that would ruin that ice cream thing she’s eating.

Naturally, all the girls show that the uniforms they normally wear are really baggy, if you catch my drift. So I guess Togo wasn’t alone in that regard.

But anyway, back to something that’s actually kind of fun. It’s been a long time coming. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, Karin vs Fu in a swimming race!

For a moment, Fu covers herself saying there might be creeps watching them. That is sensible behavior but doesn’t make much sense coming from the girl who was comfortable walking around in a bikini just a few seconds ago. Of course, she was actually pulling a fast one on Karin to distract her and start the race before her. It’s technically cheating but it’s funny so I say it’s a valid move.

Yuna decides that enjoying the water is a good idea and calls… someone—probably from the Taisha—to help her carry Togo there. Apparently she has a wheelchair that can float which I didn’t know was a thing. It makes sense, I just never thought about it.

Yuna’s not even being subtle about wanting to try Togo’s mussel soup. She even creates a contest to see who can bring the prettiest thing underwater for Togo.

Karin and Yuna also take part in a very particular game. There is a stick on top of a bunch of sand and they apparently have to take as much sand as possible without the stick falling. Can’t say I’ve ever played something like that but it seems like fun. Also, Togo likes to show off her sand sculpting skills.

I’m pretty sure this is like, the ultimate beach game”. Eh, not so sure. I get the appeal—it has the same principles as a piñata—but I never quite saw the point of striking a watermelon when there’s a lot of sand around. You are wasting food and if you are actually going to eat it, it’s gonna taste like crap.

She’s gonna grow up into such a lady. I can already tell she’s got what it takes”. Because she hit the watermelon? What the fuck, Togo? And aren’t you only a year older than Itsuki?

The beach day is over so it’s time to pack things and go back to… the hotel I guess. Karin seems to be specially snarky today so that’s cool. As Togo and Itsuki said, she seems to be easing up to the team. A good thing after having to deal with her guilt over being the only one without injuries. And if you are wondering, yes, she did beat Fu in that race even with a disadvantage.

Later that day, the girls get to enjoy what is probably a very expensive meal. Unfortunately, as you may recall, Yuna can’t taste anything. I personally think she got the short end of the stick along with Itsuki. Sure, being half-deaf or half-blind sucks but it’s not as annoying when it comes to enjoying your life.

Yuna pretends everything is fine and, after giving their thanks for the food, the girls take pictures of the plates. Yuna mentions her family and it’s clear they are not in this resort. Again, how are they justifying all of this?

I'd rather be home.png

There are more scenes that are mostly just the girls chilling and chatting. Yuna and Togo play husband and wife, Karin throws table manners out the window, Fu eats a lot, and Itsuki proposes going to… take a bath…

Oh shit!

Naturally it couldn’t be a quick shower, no. This place is a sauna so, you know, fanservice time!

And you are invited too, Plot. Just making that clear in case you didn’t get the memo.

But I’m exaggerating, aside from Fu flaunting what she’s got to Karin and asking Togo what’s the secret behind her physique, the scene is mostly focused on Karin being embarrassed at having to share a bath with other girls that are more developed than her.

I’m starting to really like her in this and it’s probably because she’s the most insecure. And no, I’m not talking about boobs. While the other four are okay with being goofy and hanging around, Karin is clearly struggling with all of this normal life stuff. Hell, a lot of us do and we weren’t trained like soldiers for most of our lives so it has to be really tough for her.

The day is almost over and the team is about to go to sleep. But we couldn’t end this train of clichés—ok, so I’m being a bit unfair here but I don’t know what else to call them—without a discussion about love.

There’s surprisingly very little in that front. Fu just has a very weak story about a boy asking her out once—she says she turned him down but it’s implied it wasn’t entirely by choice—and Yuna completely avoids bringing up her massive and glaringly obvious crush on Togo. Togo also ignores it but she’s so robotic I think she genuinely doesn’t realize.

After an uneventful night, we see Yuna waking up and meeting Togo near a window. The former mentions her ribbon and Togo once again brings up her amnesia. Apparently she was holding onto the ribbon after the accident happened so, you know, not a big deal. Now excuse me while I come up with fifty different theories of where that could have come from.

Ok, done. Speaking of theories, Togo has an interesting one. The Vertex where based on the zodiac signs so that’s why there were twelve of them, but those are hardly the only constellations in existence. Hi Plot, glad you could make it.

Yuna is naturally too optimistic to get affected about the thought of another possible Vertex attack. Things get a little creepy though, when it’s revealed that the Shinju-Sama is not only humanity’s protector but its lifeforce. There are so many people it can’t possible protect the whole world so there’s a designated weak spot near the girl’s school so the Vertex attack Earth near where the Heroes are.

Goddamn deities that are vital to humanity’s existence. They make things way too complicated. Makes me want to go Kratos on their asses.

The girls are ready to go but Fu brings up the cultural festival. They may be enjoying their vacations but they have to finish planning that sooner or later.

What’s the point of defeating twelve Vertexes if our normal lives get messed up in the process?” Uh, Fu, stop scratching the fourth wall, please.

And that’s it.

Or is it?

This is the kind of episode with an extra scene at the end. Fu and Itsuki are enjoying a meal in their house when the former gets a message. She goes back to school only to find the cellphones back and her fairy. Then the dreaded message appears on-screen: “More enemies detected”.

And to top it all, Fu gets a new fairy. She takes it pretty well all things considered. I think her faux overdramatic attitude is a coping mechanism.

This was…. weird. Despite my initial fears, the episode raises above the filler status but not by much.

It was nice seeing the girls enjoy a day of relax and recreation without the threat of world-ending monsters looming on the horizon and I specially enjoyed Karin’s lines in this. But it feels a little disappointing since the overall plot had moved a lot and we only had an after-credits scene and a short exchange between Yuna and Togo talking about it. Still, a nice breather after two intense episodes, I just feel it could have used more meat. And no, not that kind.


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