Liveblog: Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Episode 6

So, like a month ago—probably more but who cares, since no one reads these anyway—we took a look at episode five of Yuki Yuna. The girls basically won the day and there’s really not much to add, honestly. The primary threat is gone but the series is still going so, this could potentially go anywhere.

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Yuna’s narration informs us that the girls are still in the hospital after their battle and the Shinju-sama doctors are actual doctors. I’m a bit disappointed since I was expecting some kind of magical bullshit or at least some high-tech equipment.

While the girls saved the world last time, there were still consequences. Namely, an overpass collapsed. Nothing too bad and it definitely beats the Earth dying but it’s something to keep in mind.

The battle also had other unexpected consequences. For example, Fu is wearing an eyepatch right now. I don’t doubt the medical professionals of the facility but I don’t remember Fu getting hurt in her eye. Okay, let me rephrase that: Her whole body took punishment and I don’t remember her eye getting particularly hurt.

But this is Fu we are talking about so—either to calm down Yuna or just because she likes being dramatic, probably both—she acts like a powerful warrior that battled the Lizard king or whatever.

Obviously the news that her friend lost her vision on one eye worries Yuna but brushes it off, saying it was just fatigue from pushing herself to her limits.

Togo and Itsuki show up after their tests and would you look at that, looks like Fu wasn’t the only one with problems. “Itsuki isn’t able to use her voice now”. That singing career lasted five whole seconds.

Togo explains what Fu had already said, you can’t expect to beat seven giant extradimensional magic monsters and expect the strain not to affect your body. But I’m sure she will be fine, they won’t seriously fire her voice actress halfway through the series. I give it an episode or two before this fixes itself.

Everything will be okay”. Oh my god Yuna, you’ve doomed us all.

Of course, it’s celebration time because the Vertex are dead. You girls earned it. Just don’t think too hard about why the series is still going. You may not like the answer.

Togo and Yuna exchange looks while the latter is drinking her soda so, you know, not a big deal or anything. Just an obvious plot point that I don’t quite understand yet. Maybe the soda just tasted like crap.

Things start to get a little creepy now. Fu gives the girls brand new phones since they have to give up their old ones for a bit for “maintenance” and the app they used to turn into heroes and shoot the shit is off limits now. Heh, it still makes me laugh that the source of their powers is an app. It’s the fun kind of silly.

And no app or powers means no fairies either. I would be sad but aside from Karin’s being able to talk and Yuna’s being a cannibal, there is really not that much personality we’ve seen from them.

We cut to Togo and Yuna walking down a hall and chatting about life. They bring up some questions to mind, though. Namely, how are they able to justify this to their families? Karin, Itsuki and Fu are easy enough since they are orphans (or Karin’s parents already know, which is practically the same) but Yuna and Togo have to explain why they are stuck in the hospital. Not like parents are all that important in these kind of stories.

But anyway, that train of thought will have to wait since, remember that meaningful exchange? Well, Yuna can’t taste anything anymore. So that’s three injured girls out of five. And then it turns out Karin can’t smell anything just to make it fair to Togo.

Feels like I’m half-alive, you know?

…is that foreshadowing? I swear to god if they turn out to be zombies…

It’s a brand new day and the girls try to go back to their normal lives. With Togo still in the hospital because the Taisha wants to keep an eye on her, and Karin not showing up for the Hero Club meeting, Yuna, Fu, and Itsuki can’t do anything so they decide to just chill for a while like normal teenagers.

Of course, things are boring without two missing members so, after melting for a while, Yuna goes to meet Togo. I guess she wants to learn how to run a webpage. That or things are about to get lewd.

Togo makes up some bullshit story about the glory of Japan and some cross analysis of blablabla and it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to have Yuna know what she was looking at in her computer. Either a pretty big plot point or her porn collection. Maybe even both.

Speaking of plot points, Togo is partially deaf now so that means Karin is the only healthy girl left. For now.

Possible after-effects from Mankai”. Tan tan taaan!

…I would act surprised at this revelation but Netflix kind of spoiled me last time. To be fair, I kept watching the episode trying to see if there was a hint of where the show was heading after the Vertex were dealt with but instead I got those annoying “Next up on…” and Togo mentioned Mankai. So yeah, a magical girl system with drawbacks. Who would have thought?

Karin is on the beach, training as usual and lamenting that with the Vertex dead, she doesn’t have any purpose in life. Fu messages her saying that Mankai causes health problems and wanting to know if something happened to Karin to check that theory. She’s healthy of course but I have to say I feel worse about her than any of the other girls.

See, imagine training for years—possibly your whole life—to save the world and then you are assigned to a group that doesn’t have any experience and you are taking orders from their leader. Things aren’t so bad but when it comes to actually finishing the fight once and for all, you end up overshadowed by them, not only that but they are injured and you are not, all because you weren’t good enough. And to top it all off, you not only “failed” at the one thing you dedicated your life to but now you don’t have anything else to do.

Huh, so I was right. Togo is teaching Yuna HTML. Cute.

The next day, Yuna gets tired of having to deal with a half-assembled team and goes looking for Karin. She jokingly threatens to put her through the Saitama exercise program if she doesn’t come back but Karin isn’t in the mood for jokes.

Karin does the tired old bit of “it meant nothing to me” but luckily Yuna doesn’t run away crying and tells her that there is more to the club than fighting monsters. Karin naturally caves in and explains she doesn’t feel like she can fit in without relying on her combat prowess.

Oh boy, Yuna just called Karin special making her blush in response. Get your shipping hats ready.

With four fifths of the club, Yuna chooses to buy a few snacks to celebrate even if she can’t currently enjoy. Fu feels guilty about that but Yuna tells her to not worry about it. All in all, just good friends being good friends.

At the end of the day, Karin even asks the Taisha to let her stay in school so she can hang around with the girls. Her sense of purpose is on its way to getting repaired and the good news keep piling up: Togo is leaving the hospital.

Oh no, she can’t feel her legs anymore! What did you do to her, you maniacs?!

It’s official, I’ll never get used to how weird you guys are”. Bear in mind this is coming from the girl that trained all her life to beat invisible magical monsters so Fu and Togo are specially weird. I can’t blame her.

The girls all get together in a balcony to look at the sunset. The end of the day symbolizes their work is done and hopefully the beginning of a better one awaits them but not before things get dark for a while. Sorry, I’m just running out of things to say and staying up late turns me into a shitty poet.

And we get a nice juxtaposition, Karin gets an email from the Taisha. She can stay with the girls! Meanwhile, Fu gets an email of her own claiming that there are no physiological anomalies in the girls so things should fix themselves eventually.

You know, things are being a little too happy for me. Even if I didn’t know there’s a plot twist around the corner I would still be a bit too tired of these girls tempting fate. I mean for fuck’s sake go break mirrors and walk under ladders, you will have more luck than if you say your vacations are gonna be perfect.

Of course, this episode didn’t have action scenes which helps counteract the previous one which was one long battle. It’s a nice breather that also establishes the hints of what’s to come because, let’s be honest, that “losing your senses” shit isn’t going to be a one time thing and you know it.


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