Liveblog: Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Episode 5

Last episode focused on Itsuki and her newfound dream of being a singer. With the main cast already established, it’s time for everything to go wrong. “Worst-case-scenario” as they put it.

Overcoming Adversities

Apparently, the seven Vertexes left decided to show up early and screw things up. So, unless the next 7 episodes are about this massive battle, I think it’s fair to assume that there are more Vertex out there or that something else is going to take their place as a primary threat.

You wanna pop some, Itsuki?
You may wanna rephrase that

Oh she’s just giving you drugs, Itsuki. Be a good girl and accept them. They are expensive, you know?

The girls and the Vertexes are playing the waiting game because the former don’t want to leave the barrier disprotected and the latter don’t want to get picked off one by one.

After getting mentally prepared for battlethe Vertex have finally decided to move off their asses according to Fuit’s transformation time. And this is actually the first time we’ve seen Karin transform so that’s cool.

To save some time, the other three get a montage instead of the whole thing. It’s pretty neat but I still feel that the position of their symbol and the flower in their hero forms is trying to tell me something.

Seems I spoke too soon about the fight actually starting, because the girls decide to get pumped up by huddling. As usual, Karin goes along after complaining for a bit. There’s not much going on here, just Fu telling everyone that diner is on her if they save the world. The fun part comes with the comments from the other girls since Yuna uses the words ‘bukkake’ to describe what she’s going to do with her food, and Itsuki gently reminds everyone that dying without achieving her dream is kind of shitty.

But right now it’s time for the intro song. I’m still amazed at how slow it is for the kind of show this is. And Karin is finally on the intro proper. I don’t want to sound biased but she gets the best action scene in it. Kinda fits her character, honestly.

So… this whole time the Vertex were based on the zodiac signs and it wasn’t even a plot point? Dude, I found out because of the subtitles! You might wanna emphasize that a little more to make it clear.

The girls make short work of the first Vertexsome sort of spring-snakeand destroy its soul despite it spinning like a drill.

Togo helps defeat it with her sniper rifle and… I think she leveled up? See, the flower symbol on her breast just gained a new smaller flower over it after dealing with the Vertex so clearly something is going on there.

The Vertex get the upper hand, though since the first one acted as a bait for the four melee fighters to get caught by a bell making a horrible noise and paralyzing them. Meanwhile, Togo is all alone having to deal with a giant worm that throws off her aim. So yeah, things are looking pretty bad.

Luckily, Itsuki gets furious and uses her whips to stop the bell, letting her sister open a can of whoopass on the Vertex.

But not everything is as fine as it seems since the Vertex just go up and leave without even saying goodbye. Rude.

I was kind of right a couple of episodes ago when I said they had to fight the Sun. See, the Vertex can mergewhich is so surprising not even Karin knew about itand the fusion looks like a giant ball of fire.

Yuna is naturally optimistic and notices that this means they can’t take care of three Vertex at once. Well, I have to recognize it, she’s really trying.

The Super-Vertex has other plans, though. Namely, shooting hundreds of homing projectiles at the girls. Yuna comes up with a plan to send the fireballs back where they came from but she just gets double the amount exploding on her.

Togo and Karin get attacked as well and basically all five girls are struggling to get up at this point.

Of course, we still have like fifteen minutes left worth of episode so unless the rest of the series is them just fucking around in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, someone is going to get up.

To make matters worse, Fu gets trapped in a water ball, making her sword completely useless and… boom goes the dynamite.

Fu just achieved Mankai! Remember that? It was some kind of level up that gave the girls even more power than usual so I feel they have this in the bag.

Now Fu is strong enough to push the Super-Vertex around and Togo joins her in the kicking-ass department. Also, she takes the time to put on a headband with the Japanese flag on it, because Togo is super nationalistic for some reason.

And there’s another Vertex they somehow missed, the Gemini one. This one is apparently human sized and incredibly fast. So much so that not even Togo’s Space Invaders strategy is good enough to stop it. But worry not, Itsuki is here to save the day.

Oh boy, a glowing ominous ball of energy“. There’s the Sun I was talking about.

Fu protects herself with her giant sword while the other four begin the sealing ritual against the Super-Vertex. The stress of battle is too much for her, though, and reverts to her usual hero uniform while screaming that they need to finish the ritual. Something tell me she’s gonna die.

Good news, the soul is out of the Vertex so they just need to destroy it and go home. Bad news… just see for yourself.

you've gotta be kidding me.png
You’re gonna need a bigger magical girl.

This thing is insane not only because of its size but also because it’s in outer fucking space. Yuna is still optimistic and at this point I think there’s nothing that can make her sad.

Yuna is going with Togo on her ship thingy to destroy the soul while Itsuki and Karin continue the sealing ritual. Unfortunately, they have a little over a minute to deal with it before it’s game over.

Meanwhile, in space, the soul really liked my Space Invaders comment and starts throwing chunks of itself as projectiles. Togo gets flashy in front of Yuna by destroying every single last one of them. I guess the logic here is that they would act like meteorites if left unchecked.

This whole thing took its toll on Togo’s body since she’s going to collapse any second now. Yuna says she’ll take it from here and they both exchange a look that I’m pretty sure can only be described as romantic. I guess it comes with the job. Four out of five magical girls recommend lesbianism.

Yuna achieves Mankai and with a bit of help from Togo penetrates the soul. She then punches her way in while her not-girlfriend is so tired her ships collapses into a flower floating in space.

And look at all that XP! Yuna absolutely destroyed the soul and goes back to Togo’s flower. I mean the actual flower I mentioned before, get your mind out of the gutter.

It’s okay. ‘Cause the Shinju-sama will protect us“. Maybe I’m a bit biased but extraterrestrial entities that make little girls fight for them aren’t usually the best of protectors.

Both girls curl up inside the flower and pray to fall safely from orbit. Unless the Hulk is there to catch them, this is going to be a bit difficult.

This is so gay.

Luckily, they have the next best thing: A girl that can create giant webs. Itsuki slows the flower-meteorite enough for Togo and Yuna to not get turned into mush. So, I guess everyone is okay then?

I should’ve have popped the supplements after all“. See? I told you.

After a few seconds of Karin freaking out because she thinks everyone diedand them confirming that no, they may be exhausted, hungry, and with a few broken bones but they are still breathing—they go back to the normal world.

Fu apparently knows I thought she was going to die and makes a quip about being beautiful and still alive while still laying on the floor. In fact everyone save Togo, being in a wheelchair and all, and Karin is kind of passed out.

Karin happily informs the Taisha that their work is done and calls their magical medics. That… makes sense I guess. It’s just a little unexpected. Now I’m wondering what magical girl health insurance is like.

And that’s all.

This was… interesting. The girls defeated the driving force of conflict and aside from a few scratches and being super tired, there really weren’t that many bad consequences. I’m cool with that but I know this isn’t exactly that kind of series plus we still have like 7 episodes to go.

This battle also felt like a hollow victory which, I guess was kind of the point but still. It feels like the series ended except it obviously didn’t and I’m honestly not sure where this is going. I knew the Vertex subplot would be replaced by something else but I wasn’t expecting it to just end like that.

So basically: The world is saved… now what?


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