Liveblog: Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Episode 1

I hope you are doing well. We have another series of liveblog posts to look forward to because this time we’re going to take a look at Yuki Yuna is a Hero which is another magical girl show. As usual, I know nothing about the plot except the basics and that there is some sort of horrible twist halfway through.

Also, comparisons with Madoka Magica are going to be inevitable because this series took a lot of inspiration from it (And not because it’s the only magical girl show I’m familiar with, no sir). Let’s just hope it’s not too blatant and that they do something interesting with it.

A Maiden’s True Heart

The episode starts with what I assume is the backstory of the show?

Basically RPG guy wanted to stop the demon king from being an all around nasty individual and went to confront him at his castle.

And by Shyamalan’s balls! The the epic story line turns out to be just a puppet show.

The kids watching this amazing story unfold learnt hat the demon king is discriminated against by the villagers and that’s why he acts as a bad guy. The hero still tries to talk things through.

The redhaired girl playing the hero accidentally knocks their stand so know the kids got their illusions shattered. They had to grow up sooner or latter I guess

Red-hair girl ad-libs a punch against the villain to keep the kids entertained and damn, we are getting signs of over-exaggerated expressions. Aw shit, I really expected those to not show up here. Still, I’m an open minded guy—most of the time—so I’m just gonna take this as a quirk of the series. Still kind of annoying, though.

evil fu.png
Top 10 most diabolical anime characters.

The black haired girl tries to convince the kids to cheer the hero so he can win, kinda like with Goku and the Genki-dama.

So all ended well. The people came together to save their country and they made peace with the demon king“. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel the writers dropped the ball with that shitty ending.

Red-hair girl starts doing a voice over explaining her life and friends. First is Fu, a blonde third-year student. That doesn’t sound bad at all. She’s so dead.

Then Fu’s little sister, Itsuki—a first year student—and Togo, a relatively new transfer student that is red-hair’s best friend but insists on getting called by her surname. She’s the devil.

Weirdly enough, we get the title card but no opening theme. That’s kinda weird for an anime series and specially a magical girl one, isn’t it?

To prove I’m a slow guy, I just noticed that the black-haired girl is in a wheelchair even though they had sort of shown her chair already in the episode and in the cover. I blame my lack of sleep.

Ok, so the red-haired girl is the titular Yuna Yuki. And she doesn’t have pink hair like in one of the pictures Netflix showcased. Man, talk about false advertisement.

You are always so positive Yuna“. Oh boy, you just jinxed it.

The hero club gets ready to take down some problems and the first order of the day is to find homes for some stray cats. I guess if the magical cat doesn’t come to you, you have to improvise.

togo is a gynoid.png
“I am not a robot. I have skin. It was grown in a human body. That is mine. I love breathing oxygen”

We cut back to the girls eating in a restaurant. Fu asks the group what they should do for the cultural festival. You know, the usual girl talk.

The girls finish eating and tell each other goodbye. Togo uses some sort of elevator ramp to enter what I think is her parents’ car but for a second there I thought she was floating. Maybe watching cartoons at three in the morning isn’t the best of ideas.

On the way home, Fu gets a strange message about her aptitude report or something of that nature and brushes it off when her sister asks about it. That’s not suspicious at all.

Just to dig herself deeper, Fu asks Itsuki how she would feel like if the former had a secret. She then goes on to compare the situation to what I assume is a bit of Japanese history and promptly tells Itsuki to forget about it.

You are the only family I have“. Well, shit. They are orphans :(

It’s another school day here at… the school and we see Togo being lifted upstairs by a fancy elevator. Man, either this is an expensive school or Japan has really high living standards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those things with my own eyes before, but then again, I don’t know anyone in a wheelchair so maybe they are more common than I think. I highly doubt it, though.

Anyway, cut back to class and, is it just me or does the teacher sound familiar? IMDb says I’m right, she is voiced by the same actress that played Mami Tomoe in the English dub. Small world, a pity this character is so minor it only shows up once according to the site.

Uh oh, after making a fool of herself in front of her classmates, Yuna’s cellphone starts ringing. And Togo’s too.

Well this is great, time just froze.

Yuna and Togo are immune it seems and the soundtrack makes it seem as creepy as it should. The good… I mean, the bad… the news is that Fu knows what’s up.

The sky just opened in half and weird rainbow water is flooding the place.

Lo and behold, the spirit worl—I mean, whatever this place is. Honestly it looks like one of those photos taken by microscopes of everyday things like velcro or a finger nail only it’s multicolored to spice things up a bit.

Rick and Morty background.png
It could also be a Rick and Morty background.

Things get kind of interesting. Just by looking at the images Netflix provides, I know Togo is going to walk again and join the action and the fact that she just looked at her legs all surprised makes me think that she can feel them again. But nope, she was just a bit scared.

Fu and Itsuki find the other girls thanks to a handy GPS they had already downloaded before joining the club.

And then the truth is revealed: Fu was asigned by the Taisha!

Nope. Doesn’t ring any bells. Is that a Japanese myth I’m supposed to be familiar with or what?

Aren’t they the ones dedicated to the Shinju-sama?“. Ah, that completely explains it. Well, not really. But I think the Shinju guy was the person they were venerating earlier in the episode.

Fu explains that the place is okay but the things living here are less than friendly. And we get our first look at a witc—I mean a Vertex. A nasty creature that’s super bad yadda yadda yadda, it’s gonna destroy the world and they have to kill it.

Also, they were chosen by their school applications. That’s kind of a bad system if it chose only four young girls with at least three of them having no previous fighting experience and one not even being able to walk. I’m just saying, I’m sure the school is full of athletes that could’ve been a little more useful.

If someone expresses the will to fight another feature will unlock, making you a hero of the Shinju-sama

“Kinda like magical girls, right?” “Shut up! We are not using that ridiculous name!”

The Vertex may be slow but it compensates by giving birth to fucking explosives.

disgusting birth sequence.png
Nature can be so hideous sometimes.

Fu starts her transformation so you could say “it’s Hero Time!”. God, I can’t believe that series is more than a decade years old now.

And we get a panty shot. Lovely. I don’t know about you guys but if I want to jack off to  animated Japanese girls I can just google “hentai” like a normal person. I don’t need so much tits and ass in my series.

Fu gets an absurdly huge sword that strangely enough suits her. Her sister, on the other hand, gets a pair of bracelets. By anime rules, those are going to be way more destructive than the sword.

Apparently, being a magical, uh, I mean a Hero of the Shinju-sama gives you the ability to jump several meters in the air and your own Digimon.

Oh wait, no, they are fairies… Nope, they still look like Digimons to me.

Itsuki gets her first lesson in magical combat when her bracelets create whips that make everything they touch explode.

Some kind of weapon came out“. It’s called an erection, it’s perfectly normal in people your age.

Fu calls Yuna to her phone (those wacky Japanese and their super advanced cellphone lines that can work on other dimensions) and apologizes for keeping all of this a secret which makes her sound like she’s going to die. I think it’s a bit too early for that but I bet someone will die in the end.

Yuna accepts the apology though, but the call distracts the sisters and they are attacked by the Vertex. I don’t buy that they are dead.

You know, this Vertex thing looks like a Bakugan now that I think about it.

Togo has some self-confidence issues and tells Yuna to escape while she can because she’s gonna die otherwise. And she seems to be right because, as Yuna proclaims that heroes fight back and runs towards the projectile coming her way, it simply explodes.

Now this is my kind of transformation sequence. Yuna’s main power seems to be an absurd resistance to damage so she gradually grows armored clothes on her limbs as she repels the Vertex’s projectiles. She doesn’t seem to have any other weapon. Her fists are her weapon. That’s hardcore.

And weirdly enough, Yuna gets pink hair while in her magical girl form. Okay, that wasn’t quite so false advertisement.

I liked this first episode. It had a nice set-up of the girls’ normal lives (well, except that we never saw Togo’s and Yuna’s families) and even though I’m not the biggest fan of the ridiculous humor at the beginning it’s a potentially nice contrast for when everything goes to hell. I’m still looking forward to Togo’s transformation, though, because I know something interesting is going to happen there. The ending feels a bit hollow but I guess the series is supposed to start with a two-parter so it’s understandable that this doesn’t quite feel like an ending.


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