Liveblog: Anohana, Episode 2

Last time, a guy woke up to find his dead friend came back as a ghost, but while she was busy being dead, her friends turned into a misanthrope, a bitch, and an assholethe other two didn’t have many lines. Also, she wanted to get her wish granted and accidentally caused Jin to orgasm. Am I describing things specifically so they sound more sexual than they actually were? Probably

Something I didn’t mention about the first episode is that Menma’s design looks appropriately ghostly. You know, white old-style clothes, white hair, pale skin; but according to the flashback she also looked like that when she was alive so, is this supposed to be a plot point or just a quirk of the story?

Menma the Brave

Anyway, to the actual episode. We get the opening in the beginning as expected so now I wonder what the hell was all that about putting it in the middle during the first one.

The first shot we get is that of a field filled with yellow flowers. Menma and Jin are there when the camera quickly moves to her position and she starts floating alongside Jin. She embraces him and asks for her wish again while acting kinda seductive. This is getting fucking creepy.

But nevermind that, it was part of Jin’s sexually frustrated imagination. Back in the real world, Poppo is amazed after having heard about Jin’s story. He took really well that whole “my dead’s friend’s spirit came back from the afterlife to talk to my old friend who I haven’t seen in years”. I’m surprised he even believed that in the first place.

Jin brushes it off as an hallucination but Poppo is still excited about that. Dude, do you have any emotions other than perpetual happiness? At least he’s not an asshole.

The guy spends some time looking for Menma even after Jin tells him she’s not with them at the moment. The conversation quickly changes to the fact that Poppo is still using the base they built as kids but he explains that’s just during his stay in Japan.

pokemon map.png
Some people go really far in the name of Pokémon GO.

“Vietnamese girls are really cute!”. You could say they will love you long time.

…Come on! It was the perfect setup.

Anyway, Jin is happy because Poppo hasn’t changed at all. After hearing this, the latter assures him he has changed in one place in particular. And he starts pulling down his pants. Look, I’m no prude but that just felt bizarre instead of funny.

Both guys try to think about what Menma would want and they seem to think Jin’s “desuyo” design is the most likely possibility. I’m gonna pretend I know what the fuck that is because Google isn’t helping.

We cut back to Menma walking alone in the street. She spots a dog and it actually seems to be able to see or at least smell her or something. Unfortunately, its owner leaves so Menma can’t pet the doggo. My heart can’t take this level of tragedy.

We get another cut to Anjou and her friends. They are discussing her having to get Jin his homework and they address her as “Naruko”. I really hope that’s her surname because I have issues remembering her actual name to add another one at this point.

Naturally, the conversation goes from Anjou arguing that everyone feels like shit from time to time and not to harp so much on Jin about it; to her friends joking about him masturbating thinking of her.

There is someone else at this restaurant. Tsuruko, the girl that was with the asshole whose name I had to look up on he previous liveblog because I can’t even spell it correctly.

Anjou sees her and notices she’s Tsuruko but it’s a bit late because she already left after hearing about their lewd conversation. I bet she went to the bathroom to masturbate. What? It’s not like that joke would be out of place here.

At least miss perfect forgot her book so Anjou has the perfect excuse to go after her. Being a brunette with red-trimmed glasses that is clearly hiding her feelings, she acts like a huge asshole by basically telling Anjou she’s not good enough to be talking to her.

Anjou is having none of it and fights back for an apology. Menma intervenes. By which I mean she does nothing because she’s a ghost. But hey, A for effort.

“You haven’t changed”. Gee, man, is this series about change or something? I don’t think I’m getting the central message.

Oh snap, Tsuruko brings up Menma and how Anjou used to copy her, just like she’s copying the slutty girls of her class. Man, this conversations are riveting.

This is seriously becoming old hat at this point. Everyone is acting like an asshole and the only nice character is Menma who can’t do anything to stop the in-fighting.

The good news is we get a flashback scene. The bad news is we start with something we already saw on the first episode.

But at least we get to see it from Anjou’s perspective this time around so we see her motivation for asking Jin if he liked Menma. Cool, I hope this keeps happening.

We come back to our favorite sex-hating misanthrope walking in a store and, wouldn’t you know it, Anjou is working there. What’s your plan Jin? Are you seriously going to tell her Menma is haunting you from the afterlife?

“Huh? Nokemon?”. Gotta trap all of them!

They continue the gag by having Anjou ask if he wants the Opal or Emerald version but there is an actual Pokémon Emerald so this joke just became inaccurate. I can’t watch this crap anymore!

Seriously though, Jin is actually buying a Pokemon knockoff for Menma, which is sweet. And I was right! The Lipolippy she mentioned on the first episode was a Pokémon. I think I deserve a cookie for that.

Jin leaves the store but Anjou apparently recognized him so I’m assuming she’s gonna follow him after work.

“What? That’s not cute!”. Yeah, it’s Japanese law. Non-cute things cannot exist in the island.

Jin tries playing the game and starts getting all depressed when Menma still hasn’t come back after he left her and goes back to wonder if she’s a hallucination.

Of course, the audience knows this is not the caseWouldn’t that be a twist, though?and we cut back to her again having just arrived to Jin’s house.

Ok, so we got the opening at the beginning but we get the title card in the middle of the episode. I won’t even trying to figure it out at this point.

And now we get to see the biggest asshole of the bunch, Yukiatsu, running. I hope he trips and falls on his face.

Poppo is there too to balance things out and tell him the whole thing about Menma.

Meanwhile, Jin wakes up—late as usualand sees Menma and oh my god.

menma after taking a bath.png
Now I feel so dirty I need to take a shower.

“Why did you take a bath?”. Good question, because she’s a ghost and all. Can you get dirty in the after life?

“You should realize your body has grown”. She can’t be more than 13. Don’t fucking tell me she’s supposed to be 18 or so.

Nevermind what I said earlier, I prefer people acting like assholes over this.

Menma’s antics bring up a question to mind, though. She’s wearing a towel, does that mean everyone sees it floating by itself?

Poppo is back and explain the cable link function to Jin which probably ties in to the whole rare Pokémon Menma wanted.

And Menma… eats from Jin’s plate. She can do that? I mean, wow. Incidentally this makes her the second invisible white haired character that is seen eating without problems around here.

Basically, the Nokemon or whatever needs to be caught by trading or evolves that way, but that means they need another copy of the game. Luckily Anjou is remembering the good old days so she must have the game too.

Speaking of, we see a younger Anjou and a voice over of her current self admitting that she did indeed want to be like Menma.

Now this is getting interesting. Anjou admired her but also felt like her shadow as evidenced by her trying to tear off the sticker Menma put on her Rindendo console. That’s way more nuanced than the general assholish behaviour we’ve seen so far.

Poppo, Jin, and Menma show up and somehow convince Anjou to let them enter her house. There’s a cut so we don’t see how it happened but her mother probably had something to do with it.

They explain that she needs to play Knockoffmon with them for Menma’s sake. And she accepts the story right away. Huh.

I’m more of a Pokémon Uranium kinda guy.

After seeing the sticker on her console, Menma proclaims that “Anaru hasn’t changed” since she’s still kind and has a lot of manga and games. Or, you know, she could just be a compulsive hoarder.

On another part of the city, Yukiatsu smells what I think are Menma’s old clothes. Creepy.

Back to the main group, Jin finally caught one of the Pokeymans and Anjou asks him for something in return after having helped him: That he comes to school. What, does his father seriously not talk to him about it?

And the name of the creature is “Friendship King”. That’s a bit on the nose.

That didn’t work anyway because it wasn’t Menma’s wish but Jin seems okay with this since he got to spend some time with actual human beings.

And that’s it apparently. A bit of a slow ending but its fitting considering the kind of story it is. I have to say this one was better, at least when it came down to the characters actually interacting like normal people instead of having a stick up their asses. And there are also some nice stuff about Anjou’s past and Jin and her finally easing up to one another and Poppo was a breath of fresh air. I still want to see the other two guys stop acting like self-entitled jerks because I only have so much patience before I start hating characters. But hey, so far it seems the show just had a slow beginning.


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