Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 12 [Finale]

My Very Best Friend

This is it. The finale. Where it all ends.

We start with Madoka apologizing to Homura for wanting to be a magical girl. She apparently knows how to stop this endless cycle. Cat-alien extinction, anyone?

Homura is having none of it but Madoka tries to console her. What do you have in mind, Mad? It better be good.

Incubator tells Mad one last time that her wish will come true no matter how big it is. He’s not going to see it coming.

Here it comes!

On your face, asshole! Madoka wished to destroy every single witch that has ever existed and will exist before they had a chance to exist. I think that means people like Sayaka would resurrect or something?

Incu shitted his pants a little because that wish goes against the laws of the universe but Mad is like “Screw the rules, I’ve got magic!” and rewrites them so her wish comes true.

We don’t get an opening this time around. Just a title card “My very best friend”.

Mad is back in Mami’s apartment and I think she’s alive. Hooray! That thing I said about people like Sayaka being alive is true after all. But we’ve got like 20 minutes worth of episode left. I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen.

Mami warns Madoka that her life from now on would be an endless battle against every single witch that has ever existed and will ever exist in the universe.

Kyoko is also here too, and I’m happy for that. I guess Mad is using her space-time bending powers to reunite the friends she lost. I like that.

madoka's testament.png
So I guess this is a holy text, now?

Oh, this is getting metaphysical all of sudden. Mad is now probably the physical manifestation of hope. Someone better not trap her in a battery core to power their own space cops.

All across the world in different time periods, Madoka stops every magical girl from turning into a witch and encourages them to not lose hope. Given that we see Joan of Arc, I guess Mad has become the representation of every belief system on Earth.

Mad confronts the Wicked Witch of the East and tells her that she doesn’t need to hate anymore. Madoka is the most badass therapist ever.

Homura is on the Moon …okay.

Incubator has a last card to play. Since Homura can travel through time, he is going to show her how Madoka’s existence is going to end.

She’s going to die and a universe will be born from her… by destroying the previous one. And I assume a wish that could counteract that would have even worse consequences.

Seems like things are okay. Madoka wished to eradicate every witch that could ever exist. Including herself. Bit of a paradox there, but that’s what usually happens with cosmic-tier characters.

Incubator still tries to fuck with Mad’s head by saying that she has become a concept. A being with no beginning or end and with zero chances of interacting with the physical world. Homura doesn’t look happy with this… and she’s naked. Okay, actually, she’s not wearing clothes but you can’t see any naughty bits either. It’s weird, is all I’m saying.

Her face doesn’t help either. And censorship only makes things worse!

Madoka is there too and she’s also naked. Girls, can you put on some clothes, please? I know you are having a cosmic experience and all but for fuck’s sake, you are in your birthday suits.

Anyway, Mad is okay with this condition. She can see everything that has happened and will ever happen. And most importantly, she can see what Homura did for her throughout the different timelines.

Homura points out that no one, not her friends, not her family, no one period; will remember or know of Madoka’s existence. And Mad’s okay with that. She can be with the people she wants anywhere forever and you never know if someone like Homura will remember her, time powers and all.

god doesnt play dice.png
God may not play dice with the universe but she sure likes her brunnettes.

Cut to Kyoske playing the violin. What timeline is this?

Mad and Sayaka are talking. I guess Mad wanted to have a little chat with every magical girl and make their lives better.

Sayaka is cool with dying for the sake of Kyosuke’s health and she’s also okay with Hitomi going out with him. She even jokes that he’s not good enough for her. Aww, that’s sweet.

Meanwhile, Kyoko, Homura, and Mami just destroyed a “witch” (or whatever that was) and the first wonders where Sayaka is. Mami answers that she used up all her magic. Is she dead?

Welp, she is. There are some good news, though. Homura has Mad’s ribbon and mentions her by name, making the other two wonder who she is talking about.

More good news! madoka’s brother remembers her and draws her in the sand. You have earned the title “Not a little shit after all”, buddy.

“Do you know who Madoka is? Is she some kind of anime character or something?”. On the one hand, the fact that Mad’s mother can’t recognize her own daughter’s name is heartbreaking. On the other hand, that was a pretty funny joke.

The fucking cat is still around. Why didn’t anyone wish for you to stop existing?

Well, this is actually a good thing. The new laws of the universe make every soul gem shatter when they can’t be purified anymore. So, no more witches! Just what Madoka wished for.

This might be a universe with new rules but some things never change. Incu is still a sociopath that is intrigued by the idea of witches and probably wishes to use them to power Cat IV.

I like this. The new world still has curses but magical girls don’t need to fight witches anymore-instead, some witch-like beings-and Kyubey now acts like the furry sidekick most magical girl series have. Everything is as it should, it seems.

Homura thinks the world is probably still not worth saving but Madoka wanted to protect it and she’s going to make sure her wish comes true.

And that’s all she wrote.

No wait, we get a little scene where Mad tells Homura to “Do [her] best” before she takes on a bunch of monsters. She did keep her promise :D

finale shotj.png
Funnily enough, this is how I would order the magical girls in terms of how much I enjoyed their characters. Mami being the first and Kyoko being the last.

Well, what can I say? As a guy that doesn’t watch anime, at least not serious series, (Mostly Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, a bit of Dragon Ball Z and Digimon, and, appropriately enough, I remember seeing at least one episode of Capcaptor Sakura); this one was a wild ride. It just blew me away. I mean, magical girl anime is a valid form of entertainment as much any other subgenre but, my god was this something out of the ordinary. And in a good way. Really, I think I need to process all this. It was beautiful and I don’t regret having started this liveblog at all. The only thing I can say is, we still got a movie to go through, baby! Sadly, I’m not liveblogging that.

Also, this is the first time I’ve completely watched a series in English without subtitles of any kind. Yay me! And yes I said English. I’m a filthy dubbing peasant. Blow me.


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