Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 11

The Only Thing I Have Left to Guide Me

Last episode showed us Homura’s backstory. She was a normal girl that was saved by Madoka and Mami and eventually got time control powers. She’s basically been stuck in a loop trying to prevent Madoka from dying for a while now.

Well, this is great. According to Incu, Mad’s potential as a magical girl is so great because Homura keeps rewinding time. I would take his theory with a grain of salt if I were you, Homura.

So, Mad is some sort of universal constant thanks to Homura’s actions. I think the way to solve this problem is for Homura to sacrifice herself somehow.

“Excellent work, Homura. You’ve made Madoka the most powerful witch ever”. Fucking asshole.

“When can I see the future that I lost here in this place once again?. I fucking knew it, the lyrics had a double meaning the whole time.

Oh, hey. Homura and Kyoko join Mami, Sayaka, and Madoka in the tower of the opening. Cool but only two of those characters are currently alive. And one of them isn’t even a magical girl.

Speak of false advertisement.

Speaking of, it’s Sayaka’s funeral. I guess her parents finally decided to show up. I’m going to bet 50 bucks that Mad is going to break down because she wants to explain what happened and Homura is going to stop her or something.

Fucking shit! Why do I lose so much money in these imaginary bets?

In a bit of a twist, Mad’s mother asks her if she knows anything about Sayaka’s death. I like that because it shows that her mother isn’t some clueless idiot but I’m afraid this isn’t going to end well.

Incu tries to play the vegan card to show how Madoka doesn’t give a fuck about the animals she eats much like how his species doesn’t care about humans. Of course, we actually ask ourselves if we actually treat animals as we should and humans are sapient beings. Killing them has got to be illegal in at least five galaxies.

I admit that he brings up a good point but he conveniently ignores a few things. Namely, that he’s okay with the extinction of every organism on Earth. That turns your “But cows suffer too” argument into pure hypocrisy.

I like how Incu tries to make a point of his species willingness to make a deal with their batteries compared to how humans are barbaric and keep animals in deplorable conditions, all the while he’s mind-raping a young girl.

Turns out cat-aliens have been on Earth for a while and all the magical girls in the world have ended up with their wishes turning against them. That’s not a good track record at all.

It seems like, by definition, wishes are bound to cause trouble and everyone should realize that they are not a good thing on the long run. How about wishing for your species to go extinct?

Incubator explains that human civilization was built on the suffering of magical girls and that his species considers emotions a mental disorder. According to him, humans would still be living in caves if the cats had never come to Earth. That’s what every super advanced alien society says and I don’t buy it.

Strangely, we cut to Mad’s teacher talking with Mad’s mother. Huh, never thought those two would be significant.

They discuss Sayaka’s fate and how Madoka seems to know more than she’s letting on. Really mature stuff, I like it.

As usual for anime series, we get religious symbolism. I don’t know what it means, though. There’s a close up of The Creation of Adam which I guess mirrors what the cat-aliens have been doing since the dawn of mankind?

Mad goes to Homura’s house. Sharing feelings and creating a plan to defeat Valporguisnot(?) or whatever, is cool and all but, are we ever going to get an explanation for what the hell is going on on that house? The girl has a giant pendulum on the ceiling.

“So… Do you come here often?”

Homura plays it cool and most likely lies through her teeth by saying that she can take down the witch by herself. Again, the emotionless and arrogant approach is not the best one. Mad already knows Incu’s an asshole so convincing her of not signing a contract shouldn’t be too hard.

She still thinks Mad won’t believe her but she sort of starts explaining anyway. And then she hugs her.

That hug should have ended by now, Homura. You really don’t want to piss off Hitomi.

Homura dumps all her backstory on Mad and she understandably freaks out at first, but the message seems to get through her.

After that, the witch appears on the city and the evacuation starts. Humans can’t see the witch and she doesn’t even need to use a labyrinth so to them it looks as if they were hit by a tornado or something.

The witch is here and she’s circus themed. Yeah, okay, that’s creepy.

Time to take out the big guns. Homura saved several bazookas just for this occasion. Christmas came early this year.

mother russia sends her regards.png
From Russia with love.

She’s throwing everything and a fire truck.

Holy shit, no wonder the city was in ruins on Mad’s dream. Homura blew up a big chunk of the city while fighting the witch. And yet, she’s still more heroic than Sups in Man of Steel.

Mad goes to have a chat with Incu while the battle rages on. She asks him if Homura will be able to kill the witch but he says she wouldn’t believe him anyway. First time you’ve said something sensible, foxy.

The cat has Homura in a box. She needs to keep fighting because if she gives up and realizes that Mad cannot be saved, she will turn into a witch, but going back in time only makes Mad’s potential form even stronger.

Mad tries to go outside because she has an idea but she’s intercepted by her mother. She slaps her when she realizes her daughter wants to go outside while a really dangerous storm is destroying countless houses. And honestly, from her point of view, she’s right.

Madoka stands up for herself and tells her mother that she loves her but she can only save her and the rest of her family if she lets her go.

Her mom agrees but only if she goes with her. Madoka tries to convince her by saying that she needs to trust in her because she has never done anything wrong. I like it, she’s still hesitant but she believes in her little girl.

Back to the fight, the witch has familiars that look like magical girls and, as you may recall, she can use buildings as projectiles.

I think Homura’s time sand ran out and she can’t stop time anymore, or something. She still took that building like a champ, though.

Homura is contemplating her options. Going back in time would make Mad’s fate even worse but letting the witch destroy her kinda defeats the purpose of trying to protect her in the first place.

She’s giving up, which means she’s going to turn into a witch. Great.

Mad to the rescue! And this time not in the physical sense. She kindly tells Homura that her job is done, she did more than enough and now it’s time for Mad to do something about the witch.

Holding hands.png

She’s going to make a wish!


I like how they handled Mad’s mother in this. A lot of the time you see parents not really making an appearance in this kind of stories (teenager is secretly a superhero) so that’s cool. Homura’s unwillingness to give up is also nicely explored and, original timeline or not, Mad still proves why Homura admires her so much. I’m so looking forward to the ending, I can’t take it anymore.


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