Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 10

I Won’t Rely on Anyone Anymore

With Kyoko dead after sacrificing herself to take down Sayaka, Homura now has to deal with an extremely powerful witch without letting Madoka make her wish because that’s exactly what Kyubey-or as he’s actually named, Incubator-wants. Also, turns out he’s an alien. And not the fun kind.

first look at moemura.png
What the hell?

I’m lost already. Homura is wearing glasses and acting like a nervous and shy girl. We are not stuck in a time loop, are we?

I guess since the cold and heartless approach didn’t work, she is going to try to convince the girls by becoming their friend first? Or maybe it’s a flashback. Yeah, probably.

Homura gets bombarded with questions and I specially like the one about her absurdly long hair, it’s a nice nod. Anyway, Madoka shows Homura where the nurse’s office is because she apparently has a heart condition in this timeline.

Madoka introduces herself and tells Homura that she shouldn’t be so nervous around her classmates. They also make a deal of addressing each other with their first name, is that a thing in Japan?

They have this discussion about Homura’s name and Mad thinks it’s pretty cool and she encourages Homura to live up to it.

Homura is bad at math and she can’t even do warm ups without getting dizzy. Haha what a loser!

Oh fuck. I think I know where this is going. This is the day Homura made her wish or something like that, isn’t it?

She’s walking home having suicidal thoughts and the floor turns into Picasso’s Guernica. At least it looks like it.

She’s inside a labyrinth. It’s too late to panic now.

Mami and Madoka witch hunters.png
What the fuck?

And would you look at that, Mami to the rescue! And I still love her song. And Madoka is in her maid costume. What is even real anymore?

Theory time: This is the original timeline and, eventually, Homura will turn into a magical girl to follow Mad’s and Mami’s example. Mad will turn into a witch, Homura will go back in time and we end up where we were last episode.

Just for once, it’s nice seeing the girls triumph over the witch without emotional trauma.

In this continuity, Mami knows about the witch whose name I won’t even try to spell and plans to train Mad so they can take it down together.

Cut to, the future? The witch killed Mami (Good things don’t last for long, unfortunately) and Mad is determined to destroy her.

Madoka sacrificed herself to kill what’s her face and that left Homura devastated.

But, of course, every timeline has a constant. “There’s always a wish, always a girl, always a witch”. In this case, the fucking cat asks Homura if she really wants to go back in time and save Madoka.

She agrees and gets a nice stopwatch and it only costed her her soul. That’s a steal!

Homura goes back to the day she met Madoka and Mami but still keeps her glasses. This is weird, are we going to spend the whole episode on countless loops? No wonder Homura was so cold, her brain must be fried by now.

“Miss Kaname, I’ve become a magical girl just like you”. Awkward. Especially since she did it in front of Hitomi.

Training montage! Although Homura’s skills are great, she has a lot to learn before she’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Homura can save the world. Okay, enough references for a day.

happy Homura with golf club.png
Using a golf club as an improvised weapon? I think I made a BioShock reference a bit too early.

Homura goes back home after a day of training and tries to upgrade her arsenal with some good old fashioned pipe bombs. You can bet she’s in a government list now.

She actually beats a witch by throwing a bomb up her skirt. That’s a thing that I just wrote.

Back to the future again and seems like Mami is dead again. Anyway, Mad’s soul gem got corrupted so you know what that means. Time to fight your idol, Homura.

Another loop and this time around Sayaka is a magical girl too. She doesn’t buy Homura’s warnings. That’s another constant right there.

Sayaka uses a sword so she naturally doesn’t like Homura’s explosives and Mami asks her if she can think of something else that wouldn’t blow up in everyone’s faces. Guns it is, then.

Seems like Homura’s powers also include a pocket dimension to save her weapons. Also, the stealing guns song is great.

Things don’t change that much and Sayaka gets turned into a witch. Kyoko is there and seems concerned about Sayaka, so there’s that.

mami lost her head.png
Holy fucking shit!

Holy fucking balls! Mami straight up killed Kyoko and is pointing her gun at Homura.

Oh right, I knew Mami’s suicidal tendencies would bite someone in the ass. She thinks that killing every magical girl would stop witches from appearing, which is probably true. It’s still murder, though.

Mad to the rescue! …by killing Mami. She has died so many times now it’s not even funny anymore.

Homura and Mad agree that they can still beat what’s her face together. Something tells me they won’t be able to do it.

Well, they kinda did. It’s just that they are going to turn into witches soon. Homura seems okay with this and goes for the nihilist option: If no one is left alive, there won’t be sadness or grief anymore.

Turns out Mad had a grief seed and she uses it on Homura. She then tells her that she must go back in time and change things. I guess that takes us to the start of the series or maybe the dream Mad had on the first episode.

Ouch, Homura killed her idol so she wouldn’t turn into a witch. That surely explains her emotionless state.

“Madoka, if someone comes and says they’ll grant any wish you want, it isn’t true”. Are we talking about pedophiles or the cat?

Homura continues on her quest to single-handedly kill every witch. Summoning flintlock rifles? Awesome. Summoning a modern machine gun? Now, that’s a winner right there.

Yep, called it. Homura keeps her promise and destroy every single witch in existence so Mad won’t need to sign a contract. Which I think brings us to Mad’s dream.

And she still took that building like a champ.

Incubator tries to convince Madoka to make a wish and save Homura but, of course, the latter is telling her to not listen to the cat. I wonder, though, did Sayaka, Kyoko and Mami die, again? What the hell happened this time around?

Mad didn’t listen and now Incubator is gloating about how he managed to make her sign a contract and how she became the Wicked Witch of the East (get it? Because she’s Japanese!).

Mad’s witch form is going to destroy Earth in just ten days or so. I don’t think that makes much sense, though. Why would Incu and his species let the lifeforms they use as batteries die?

“We pretty much filled our quota and have more than enough energy”. Yeah, but that’s gonna run out eventually. I’m just saying, it’s better if you used her as a weapon instead of letting her go on a rampage on your energy generator.

At least Homura’s wish ended up biting him in the ass because he realizes that she can travel back in time. You would think a species like that wouldn’t give humans so broken powers. You suck at this, Incubator.

Unfortunately, history repeats and we get to where we were last episode. Homura has to fight alone against the witch she had so much trouble trying to kill and Mad will probably sign a contract to stop her suffering.

I did wonder why we didn’t get an opening this time around. They are showing it at the end to tie in with the loop. Can you say “Dark reprise”?.

And I think that’s the end.

This one was really good. It’s nice seeing Mami alive again (and dead again, because why not?) and Homura’s backstory gives the first two episodes a lot more meaning. I do wonder how Homura is going to deal with this because, eventually, she’s going to have to break the cycle and I’m not sure if Incu is gonna let her endlessly repeat the loop until things go her way. What I’m saying is, I’m pumped for the finale.


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