Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 9

I’d Never Allow That to Happen

What happened so far? Sayaka was consumed by depression and got soulgem cancer. Kyoko and Homura tried to help but she didn’t listen to reason and may or may not have died. The cat tried to convince Madoka to make a wish, and she almost did, until Homura froze time and killed him by unloading a magazine on his face. Lastly, his actual name is Incubator and witches are corrupted magical girls. It was a doozy.

We get to see the last scene of the previous episode. Why the hell did I bother with the recap then?

Oh, I remember now. Sayaka turned into a witch and now Kyoko is trapped in her labyrinth. I assume there’s no way to cure her, right?

Kyoko saves Sayaka but that thing about souls not being inside their bodies did bite her in the ass. Her soul is part of the large construction that I think is the witch. Ok, so you only need to free her soul and get her inside Sayaka. Should be easy, right?

Some sort of train wheels attack Kyoko. I don’t remember trains being that important… Oh right, she killed those guys inside one, didn’t she?

Homura is here! And I don’t think that’s actually a good thing. She made it pretty clear that killing Sayaka was an option.

She uses her time-stopping powers and I guess she’s going to pull a prank on the witch. I mean, that’s what I would do if I could stop time.

Now they are running away from her. Oh come on, at least finish her off.

Ok, it seems like she has a plan.

Looking at the opening again, who thought all of this? I mean, they show Madoka being afraid of spiders, screwing up with her powers and Mami and Sayaka being disappointed. And Hitomi has a bow, the hell?

Mad is alone on a train track and you know someone’s getting run over. Although, last time I said that, it didn’t happen so I don’t know.

Both Homura and Kyoko, who’s carrying Sayaka’s hopefully-not-dead body, appear and explain that Madoka’s best friend is a witch now.

Homura explains what I just said, that soul gems are just a stage in the cycle and they will turn into a witch’s egg when they get corrupted.

“It’s not true. It can’t be true! Right?”. Look in your heart Madoka, you know it to be true.

Huh, so things did balance out. Sayaka saved people but now she’s a witch so she’s going to kill some. “It’s sort of like poetry, it rhymes”. Man, I’m making too many Star Wars references.

Nice, Kyoko grabbed Homura by the collar. I like where this is going.

Bad touch.

Snap! Homura brushes off the criticism and hopefully makes her point clear to Madoka. Being a magical girl is no fun. She also gets back at Kyoko when she accuses her of not being a human by reminding her that she isn’t one either.

We cut to another scene where Madoka is silently laying on her bed. Call me crazy, but I think the death of her friend got to her.

“May I come in?”. Fuck you, Incubator.

Ok, so the cat accepts that Homura is right but ignores Mad’s reasoning and says he does what he does for a good reason. Also, what’s up with all this “we” talk? I assume he means his clones but it scares me to think that Incubator is just a low level demon working for the actual Satan

This is fucking bullshit. The cat explains that changing energy from one state to the next wastes energy and that means that energy decreases overtime. Wrong, asshole, doesn’t the theory of relativity basically mean that mass is another type of energy? How do you explain that?

Holy shit! The cat’s an alien! He’s a fucking alien.

An artist’s interpretation.

Turns out his civilization searched the universe for a source of emotions to fuel whatever they do on Cat IV. Human souls were a great source of energy and female teenagers where the best of the bunch. I think he just called Madoka an emotional wreck.

And this fucking asshole gathers the energy right when a magical girl turns into a witch. This guy literally lives off of broken dreams.

Mad obviously takes issue with this but he retorts that humans will leave Earth some day and they wouldn’t want to find an empty universe. I dunno, foxy. If the alternatives are finding alien life that doesn’t even have feelings or barren wastelands, I choose the wastelands.

This fucking cat. Ok, so he is bewildered by the concept of trickery and doesn’t figure out that not explaining a contract in detail is not only a dick move but also highly illegal. That can get you sued, fucker.

He continues talking, surprised at how humans would care about a relatively small amount of their population. I guess his species never needed to develop empathy to survive. Figures.

“If you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, call me!”. He really did just say that. The gall!

Cut to Kyoko. She’s trying to preserve Sayaka’s body but Incubator acts like a clueless asshole and wonders aloud why she wants to keep a member of her species alive. Jeez, Incu, I dunno, can you put two and two together?

Turns out not even he has all the answers because he’s not sure if there could be a way to save Sayaka. I really hope there is.

Speaking of energy, with all the food Kyoko regularly eats it’s a miracle she’s as skinny as she looks.

The next day, Hitomi and Madoka walk to school. The latter wonders about Mad’s attitude and her friend’s well being but the conversation gets derailed when Kyoko telepathically talks to Mad. I know that Incu really wants her to be a magical girl but I’m pretty sure having telepathy and being able to see the cat were not a wish she made. I’m just saying, she didn’t sign for this.

Remember what I said about Kyoko like 4 episodes ago? Ok, forget that. This is the kind of Kyoko I like, determined but for a good cause. I still prefer Homura and Mami over her but she just got over Hitomi, that’s progress.

They need to make Sayaka remember that she’s a human so maybe using the voice of her best friend would help her jog some memories. It’s not like putting the potentially most powerful magical girl in existence in danger could be a problem or anything.

Their plan isn’t exactly well-thought out but it’s worth a shot. Kyoko also tells Mad that stories where love triumphs are her favorite and Sayaka reminded her of that. You are gaining points fast.

“My name is Madoka Kaname”. Uh… They had never introduced to one another? Weird, I thought they had.

Instead of shaking hands, Kyoko gives her a Doraemon candy bar. A fistbump would have been enough, really.

doraemon candy bar.png
I mean, I’m not the only one seeing this, right?

Homura excuses herself from class and doesn’t even wait for the professor to let her go. Breaking the rules is what badasses do.

Anyway, Kyoko and Mad are walking under a bridge and the former talks about the witch that’s going to appear in the future. If they already know that witches are corrupt magical girls, wouldn’t it be easier to give that magical girl a grief seed? Just throwing it out there.

Oh boy, I think the underage redhead just flashed at the camera. Not cool, man. Also, Mami is still unbeatable in the “quick magical transformation” department and her hat is still spectacular.

“You are such a weird girl”. Comes with having your name on the title of the series.

Madoka falls prey to her mediocrity again but, for the second time now, someone is there to tell her to stop whining about it. It works a bit better this time around because Kyoko isn’t crying like a crazy person

Basically, she tells Madoka to stop thinking about a dangerous life if she has a fulfilling, if a bit boring, one right now

Sayaka’s labyrinth is filled with stock foo-Eh I mean, her memories. I hope they are only the ones related to fighting witches because it’s going to be awkward otherwise

First look at the boss room. It has that classical, “I’m going to kill with train wheels” vibe. You guys know what I’m talking about.

oktavia vs kyoko.png
“Uh, is it too late to choose guns as my main weapon?”

Mad’s voice seems to be doing the trick but the witch part of Sayaka isn’t going down without a fight.

Wow, they were right. Sayaka is as bright as her soul gem. Her only strategy is spamming the train wheel. Change it up a little.

The music stops so we can hear Kyoko’s thoughts. I think this is a first in the series. Let’s hear her insight.

There is a weird animation where Kyoko kisses Sayaka on the forehead and the witch bleeds or something. I think Kyoko’s emotion are hurting her.

Sayaka grabbed her friend and she’s about to crush her.

you are mine madoka.png
“You are mine, Madoka. Mine, mine, mine!” doesn’t sound so funny now, does it?

Kyoko to the rescue! She just amputated her fucking arm.

“Hey, God, if you’re up there. My life sucked”. It’s probably his fault, then.

No. What are you doing, Kyoko?

Oh shit, she just repeated what Homura said about not being able to fight while you protect someone else, to Homura herself.

She’s gonna sacrifice herself to kill Sayaka.

So, if you blow up a magical girl’s soul gem, they act like an atomic blast. Kind of a design flaw.

Cut to Homura’s house. Incu’s there and Homura asks him if there ever was a chance for Kyoko to save Sayaka. I bet there wasn’t and he was just playing with them.

I’m right. He fucking played to Kyoko’s stubbornness to get her killed and now Homura has to deal with a supreme witch but Madoka will try to protect her city. This is all starting to come full circle now. The first episode showed Homura trying to fight a building throwing behemoth and Incu trying to convince Madoka to make a wish. I guess history never changes.

There’s some sort of picture of Kyoko and Sayaka underwater. Hell if I know what it means.

Oh, it’s the ending theme. Did they both survive? Either way I ship it.

This one was slower than the other ones which is good because I actually needed a breather. Incu’s backstory is nice and reminds me of the Guardians of the Universe (the DC guys) acting like assholes for a supposed higher purpose but I really don’t like how they fucked up the physics. It’s nice that Kyoko showed her best virtues now because I feel really bad that she died. That leaves Homura to deal with this mess alone and it seems there’s no way she can solve this while also protecting Madoka. Maybe if she called other magical girls around the world…


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