Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 8

I Was Stupid, So Stupid

Last episode showed us why Kyoko acts the way she does, that Hitomi is in love with Kyoske and gave Sayaka like a day or so to confess her love before putting the moves on him, and that the latter is a psychopath once her pain receptors are shut down. I swear it made sense in the actual episode.

To my surprise, we actually start right were the last one left off. Cool, I thought that scene with Sayaka was gonna be brushed off.

Sayaka is acting just like me when I’m done with a particularly hard boss. Beat the shit out of it until no more blood comes out. Just to be on the safe side.

And she officially lost her marbles. Oh come on, I was joking about the 90s stuff. Don’t make her a villain, she’s cool.

She gave Kyoko the seed. I have to admit that’s a nice subtle way of saying “Fuck you”.

At this point I’m wondering if Madoka is ever gonna be a magical girl. I’ve never seen actual proof that she will be except for the opening but we all know it lied through its teeth by showing us Mami hanging around with the girls, so…

This doesn’t inspire confidence in me. It’s raining and in any other show that would be a signal of something kinda bad starting to happen, like a monster rampaging through the city or the death of a minor character. Here things are gonna be worse, I assume, but I can’t think of anything.

Both Mad and Sayaka are in a bus station talking about the latter’s attitude. She says fighting like a madman is the only way she can win. I would argue Mami didn’t do that and-even if you take into account the difference in their raw power-being a damage sponge is never a good strategy. Especially when you don’t actually have superhuman resistance but just healing powers. Eventually, you are going to fight something that can overpower your ability.

Sayaka sees herself as a monster, someone that doesn’t deserve to be happy. Just a witch-killing machine. That’s textbook depression right there. And I thought Mami was emotionally unstable.

Ok, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. Right after Mad admits she doesn’t know how to cheer up her friend, the camera changes to Sayaka’s face and we get a fast cut to a redder and crazier version of her holding her soulgem. I’m officially lost.

Call me crazy but I think Sayaka is starting to lose it.

Dick move, Sayaka. I know you are depressed and all but bringing up Mad’s potential and saying that she wouldn’t suffer like you if she were on your same situation is fucked up. I mean, really, Kyoko and Homura were there. You don’t have to fight alone to prove your point.

What the hell, man? She says Madoka doesn’t understand and that she doesn’t have the guts to get through what she did. Homura better keep an eye on her or things are gonna go south quickly.

“You won’t even give up your humanity out of pity for a friend”. Yeah, in my case, my friend’s screwed. We don’t need to be both in deep shit if we can help it.

“Don’t follow me!”. Well, screw you too, zombie-lady.

On the way home, Sayaka realizes that she fucked up and the guilt suddenly crushes her. I still think you were an asshole but I can see you are under a lot of pressure.

Oh shit, the soul gem is corrupting her mind. I think. I dunno, I’m just throwing theories and seeing what sticks.

Cut to Kyoko and Homura in Silent Hill. I think they need to kill the future witch, right? Are we going to get Homura’s backstory? I hope we do.

Homura tells the redhead her info is based on statistics but doesn’t explain where she got them. Yep, she’s from the future. And, if you’ve ever seen any time travel story you know she’s gonna put things in motion and nothing will be accomplished. Man, that’s awful.

The cat is there! Run for your lives! This might be the first time he actually looks kinda cute, though.

“You’ve got some balls showing your face around here”. I really like Kyoko’s attitude here. Well done, series.

According to Satan, Sayaka is having magical cancer and she’s fucked.

The cat can blink! Aleluya!

Kyuweb says Homura already knows about this. I don’t know why he continues on calling Homura by her full name. It wasn’t surprising the first time around and it’s still not surprising now. Maybe it’s how they say “Fuck you” in the future.

Homura explains that Sayaka’s soul gem is tainted and that it needs to be purified now. I thought Mami had already explained this to her and even Q-pid advised her about having a stash of grief seeds. I knew this whole “killing monsters to get energy to kill monsters” cycle was going to end up biting someone in the ass.

It’s nice that they show that Mad was slightly at fault for not insisting on chasing after her friend. I can’t blame her, though.

Hitomi is about to confess Kyosuke her feelings. The guy opens his eyes like plates when she mentions his name. Calm down, man. You don’t want Kyoske Jr. to ruin the party.

Sayaka’s parents apparently do exist and tell Madoka that her friend hasn’t come home since yesterday. Uh, I would call the police if my daughter were five minutes late, much less a whole fucking day.

While Hitomi and Kyosuke discuss the meaning of life, Sayaka creepily watches over them. Depressed or not, you can’t say that Hitomi stabbed you in the back or something. You’ve spent years not telling Kyosuke that you like him and she even gave you a heads-up.

She vents her frustration by slicing and dicing familiars but, alas, there are no julienne fries to be found. Homura also just arrived, probably with a seed to purify her soul gem.

I still don’t get her hate for Homura. She forgave Kyoko just fine. Then again, she told her her backstory. You should try doing that, Homura.

Sayaka is acting like a suicidal person. She’s not “eating” (i.e., using grief seeds) because she thinks she’s only good for killing witches and doesn’t want to be greedy like other magical girls. If she can’t do it anymore, it’s okay to die. This flawed but sadly realistic train of thought fails to reaslize that you can’t achieve psychological fulfillment if you don’t take care of your body. Basically, you are not gonna feel any good if you are starving, no matter the situation.

She brings up a good point, though. Homura is up to something. A pity that I think it’s something good and not an evil plan. At least I hope it’s not.

I think I just realized what makes me like Homura. She’s like a viewer that knows Mad’s the protagonist and that if she never gets involved in the main conflict, there won’t be a story to tell. And dammit, she’s gonna make sure no one suffers through this story.

Huh, interesting. Homura doesn’t care about Sayaka but if Madoka is heartbroken she’s gonna have a motivation to be a magical girl. So there are two options: Assisted suicide to get it over with or use the damn seed.

Kyoko to the rescue! Sayaka escaping is less exciting than I thought. Even Homura knows she only needs to overpower Kyoko for a second and Sayaka would be done for.

Homura asks to be let go but Kyoko says she can’t do anything. Bad move. You are gonna get your ass kicked now.

She pulled a fucking grenade!

Ok, more like a flashbang.

Huh, Sayaka takes the noir train somewhere to escape from Homura. That girl can keep up with a truck, you are screwed.

There are some guys that couldn’t be more misogynistic if they had a billboard with “I hate women” written on their faces. Sayaka creepily asks what’s up with the girl they were discussing.

Oh no, she’s going full Rorschach now. The world isn’t worth protecting so might as well kill all the bad people.

lost it.png
Someone’s getting his dick chopped off.

Fade to black. I’m scared.

Cut to Kyubey and Madoka near a fountain. “I bet you are upset with me too. Aren’t you?”. As a matter of a fact, I am.

Madoka is seriously considering turning into a magical girl. Come on Homura, stop chasing Sayaka, Mad is about to bring about the end of the world.

Seems like Madoka’s potential shouldn’t be possible. I can already tell you, it’s the pink hair. That’s where her protagonist powers come from.

Come on Mad, don’t let your fear of mediocrity impair your judgement. Do you really want to be a zombie?

Holy macaroni! Apparently Madoka could become the top dog of the universe. Okay, I’m starting to reconsider my views on signing a contract. Godhood is something else, alright.

“Would that be worth trading your soul for?”. Ok maybe not. Remember what happened when Bart sold his soul?

Time just stopped before Mad could sign the contract.

I’m equally satisfied and surprised by this scene.

Kywebve got turned into swiss cheese!

Homura killed the cat. I thought she said one simply couldn’t do it.

She starts breaking down telling Madoka that a lot of people love her. I guess this is like someone from the future telling John Connor to not whine about people not liking him. Why yes, I do think Mad is the martyr of the future or something like that.

“I get the feeling we’ve done this before”. Wut.

I was just joking about the Endless Eight thing, you know

“You knew there was no point in doing that” Creepiness is bullet-proof

Q-Web survived. He has plenty of clones, you see, and he also likes to eat their corpses. It would be a shame to waste those proteins.

Crap. The cat knows what Homura’s trick is now. He’s gonna be prepared if she ever tries it again.

“You are not from this timeline are you?”. Called it! Well, I said future but I knew time travel was involved somehow. Where’s my cookie?

Apparently Madoka’s fate is really important and Kyuhwey has been plotting all along to control it but Homura is trying to counter his strategy. That just adds more fuel to my theory of her destroying the world with her wish.

The cat’s actual name is Incubator! I still think Satan fits him more.

Cut to Sayaka in a train station, and Kyoko just caught up with her. I’m afraid of what happened on the train.

Shit, Sayaka doesn’t see the point of protecting the world and her soul gem is almost completely black. Kyoko better have a grief seed with her because I don’t see how she can solve this otherwise.

She gets back at Kyoko by using her philosophy of good and evil balancing each other out. I call bullcrap on that, morality is not energy. You can’t write an equation that proves that.

Sayaka’s at death’s door and there doesn’t seem to be a seed anywhere in the vicinity. I really hope she doesn’t die. That wouldn’t be rad.

I think she blew up.

A lot of things broke in pieces and there was water for some reason.

Back to Satan, he explains what a girl is and that the term “Magical girl” makes sense since… they all become witches!

Huh, that turns every witch-hunt into the murder of a young girl. Ouch. That makes the term “witch-hunt” even more appropriate, come to think of it…

And that’s it.

This one was something, alright. I really like Kyoko’s slow change in personality, specially when she tries to save Sayaka from Homura’s assisted suicide. Speaking of, I have a lot of questions about her, time travel, Q-wey’s true nature, and other stuff but, of course, they are gonna be answered eventually. Will the stern chrononaut be able to stop a young girl from signing a contract with a cat-toilet? I sure hope she does.


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