Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 7

Can You Face Your True Feelings?

Last time, Kyoko and Sayaka decided to fight again much to Homura’s and Madoka’s chagrin. Mad tried to stop her friend from fighting another magical girl by throwing her soul gem on the highway. Turns out that’s a really bad thing because magical girls are their soul gems and their normal bodies are made of magic or something.

Sayaka is in her house alone. I can’t remember if we’ve ever seen her parents, I hope they are okay.

She realizes that the cat tricked her into becoming a magical girl and calls him out on it. It’s a bit late for regretting an obviously bad decision but I appreciate the sentiment.

Satan pulls the “you never asked” card when trying to justify his actions. I really hope Sayaka at least tries to stab him or something.

“Your bodies are such fragile containers”. Could someone give Q-tip a pair of eyelids? It would really help.

As he explains, the cat gives the girls’ souls a physical form to make it easier for them to protect them. And he tries to justify this by saying that it’s not any different from having a non-physical soul. I don’t agree, there must be a reason why souls are like that and, come to think of it, we still don’t know what you gain from the contracts. My guess? He keeps their souls once they die. He’s Satan after all.

He tries to illustrate his point by touching her soul gem and making her feel as if she had been impaled by a spear. Let’s add physical abuse to the long list of bad shit the fox has done so far.

Bad touch.png
“Let me make my point clear by torturing you”.

He’s got a point, though, Sayaka did sign the contract despite the incident with Mami and Homura’s warnings.

“That wish has come true, hasn’t it?”. But for how long? I’m worried Kyoske will survive this episode, let alone the rest of the series.

We get a shot of Madoka’s ass sitting on a chair. It’s not even fanservice, it’s just strange.

Sayaka didn’t come to school. Guess finding out her soul was turned into a physical object and that her meaty body is controlled by it, might have fucked up with her head. If only someone had warned her of the dangers of being a magical girl… Oh wait.

Back in in the school, Mad asks Homura why she didn’t tell her about the true nature of the soul gems but she retorts that they wouldn’t have believed her anyway. I dunno, Mami didn’t know so telling her that might have avoided a fight with her.

Satan does, in fact, get the souls of the magical girls. According to Homura, anyway.

“Why do you always act so cold?”. Gotta hand it to Madoka, Homura. I know you already told her that Sayaka had screwed up big time but at least showing a bit more emotion would help Mad see your point.

Surprisingly, Kyoko telepathically talks to Sayaka and she actually seems to want to cheer her up. I really hope this is the turning point for her character.

Ok, I like where this is going but what is it with Kyoko and eating every single hour of the day? Does her wish have something to do with that?

Unlike her, Kyoko actually thinks the payment sucks but that it was worth her wish. She mentions being alone so I guess her parents died? I wonder why she didn’t wish for them to come back to life. Maybe she was adopted? Am I asking too many questions at once? Probably.

A female sharing an apple inside a church? Did someone say symbolism?

Sayaka did read the Book of Genesis, thank you very much, and doesn’t accept the fruit. Or at least she watched any of the hundreds of parodies of the book.

And Kyoko goes straight for her collar. She doesn’t like seeing people waste food. Calling it now, she grew up poor and could barely eat anything.

“Wanna know where we are? It’s my dad’s church”. Interesting, but I really hope I don’t get bombarded with religious allegories. I can only take so much before it starts getting ridiculous.

Anyway, Kyoko’s dad was an honest man that tried to change the world and started preaching about unorthodox stuff. People got upset and saw him as a cultist, he was kicked out and he could barely feed his family.

Unlike other people, I don’t automatically forgive past wrongdoings if there’s a sad backstory attached to it. I admit I’m a person that holds grudges and that that is not a healthy mindset so sorry if it takes me a while to see past Kyoko’s assholishness. So far, though, I like what I’m seeing.

the bees and the birds.png
Pictured: Kyoko tells Sayaka about the birds and the bees.

So, back in the past, Kyoko wished for her father to be heard and signed the contract. The church was packed and the number of people attending service was growing everyday. Looking at the current state of the church, it backfired horribly. That’s kinda weird considering she said her wish was worth her soul.

Ok, I like this. This isn’t your clichéd “My parents are dead”, it’s a tragic story where a girl wanted to do good but didn’t see that her father would flip out if he ever found out his sermon wasn’t what was bringing people to church. And flip out he did. He called Kyoko a witch that corrupted his flock, murdered his family and committed suicide. Harsh.

“The thing I wished for destroyed my whole family”. Then why were you so happy saying that it was worth it?

This made Kyoko promise to never help anyone ever again. I don’t think that’s the lesson you should have learned from that situation. I think it’s the more usual “Be careful what you wish for”.

I can’t say I’m a fan of fatalism. Sure, our lives probably don’t matter on the grand scale of things, our planet is one among many and aside from having life (which might not be that special) it’s kind of unremarkable, and there are things we will probably never understand. But doing nothing but wasting life whining about unsolvable problems won’t help at all. Just try to enjoy life in any way you can because that’s the only thing that really matters.

“Why are you telling me all this stuff for?”. It’s called exposition. Do you want character development or not?

Oh boy, Sayaka’s got Kyoko in a box. If she only cares about herself, why does she care about Sayaka? You know, the girl she almost tried to kill twice now. Someone’s got a heart of gold hidden under their tough girl exterior.

Kyoko feels that she and Sayaka made the same mistake. That really doesn’t give me much hope for Kyoske since, as far as we’ve seen so far, he’s okay.

“I had the wrong idea about you from the beginning”. I wouldn’t say you were wrong, maybe just unaware of her circumstances. I mean, she tried to kill you and you still hate Homura even though she saved you twice.

You are taking this a bit too far. Are you actually asking her for forgiveness? For what, exactly? Trying to stop her from letting a creature kill innocent people for her own gain? I guess losing your soul for a while negatively affected your brain, Sayaka.

At least Sayaka tells her that she doesn’t regret her wish and Kyoko rhetorically asks her why she is so stubborn. I’m lost, I thought you just said you were okay with the price you paid for your wish.

Huh, I don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind that Kyoko could just steal everything she has. Now I really want to see a magical girl robbing a bank. I dunno, I just think it’s funny

Kyoko angrily bites her apple. That’s not good for your teeth. And even if they are indestructible, a lot of the fruit could get stuck between them which is probably really uncomfortable.

The next day, Mad and Hitomi catch up with Sayaka who still seems to have Kyoko’s words in her mind. I really hope Homura can fix this before it gets any worse.

Umm. Blue, green, and pink? I think Mad and her friends are a weird reboot of the Powerpuff Girls.

[Powerpuff Girls Z. “Wait, I forgot they already made something like that”]

Well, shit. Kyoske is walking with a crutch. I wonder how Mad is going to react to this and, will Kyoske like Sayaka or will he just consider her a friend?

There’s something going on with Hitomi. When Mad tries to encourage Sayaka to talk to Kyoske, she just seems pissed off, or puzzled or simply annoyed? I don’t know, I think she’s adding this to her list of reasons why Sayaka is probably a lesbian.

“I wanna talk about love”. Oh yeah, here’s the payoff to the memetic scene. Let’s see how it goes.

Ten bucks say she’s a lesbian and that’s why she freaked out in the second episode.

Ok, I just lost another ten bucks. Hitomi is actually in love with Kyoske. Clamjammed by an instrument, and your friend. That’s rough, buddy.

Hitomi may actually rival Q-tip in the creepy stare department.

Jokes aside, I like Hitomi’s attitude. She’s basically asking Sayaka if she likes Kyoske and it’s making it clear that she’s going to put the moves on him if she says no.

Cut to Satan following Sayaka. The cat is really close to the ground, as most cats are, but this means whenever he looks up at Sayaka he’s also looking at her panties. Pervert.

Uh, moral dilemma. Sayaka says that she thought about what would have happened if she hadn’t saved Hitomi. Admittedly Mami would probably scold her or something but I bet she also committed a few errors along the way. No need to beat yourself up for imagining horrible scenarios.

Sayaka ends up crying, saying that she was turned into a zombie so a normal romantic life is out of the question. Oh come on, if the Thing can get a girlfriend you can totally go after Kyosuke.

Huh, so the labyrinths look like glowing orbs from outside. I guess that makes more sense than what they look like inside.

Also this is Sayaka’s second fight against a witch. Remember, keep focused and try to not lose your head.

I have to say I really like this action scene. I’m no anime connoisseur but the few fights I have seen from that medium are as confusing as Michael Bay’s Transformers or reuse a lot of animation. This one is fast but you can feel the weight of every blow instead of just seeing a bunch of lasers and the fighters losing liters of blood without any ill effects.

Remember how I said Kyoko was the stereotypical redheaded small and reckless anime girl? Well, I don’t actually hate any of those characteristics, a lot of characters I like have that attitude but if you are a complete asshole it’s no good. Now that Kyoko is sort of acting like a tougher “mentor” (so to speak) than Mami, I’m actually starting to root for her.

Ok, what the hell Sayaka? She’s laughing like a maniac after having decapitated the witch. I bet it had Joker gas or something.

The fight gets a little more animesque but I can still feel the strength and the moves they are pulling are not completely ridiculous.

Oh, she’s laughing because she can block out her pain. That’s creepy but as long as it doesn’t backfire, it’s okay. It probably will, right?

Screw Hitomi and Kyubey. Sayaka laughing is worse than them. This is some psycho shit right here.

maniac laugh.png
Nine out of ten doctors agree, blood is really good for your skin.

And that’s all she wrote.

I really like where they are taking Kyoko though her tragic backstory doesn’t excuse her attitude, it just explains it. Anyway, Sayaka’s relationship with her is cool but I still think she’s a bit too quick to forgive her. I want to see what’s up with Sayaka’s new found psychopathy, though. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I don’t want to see Madoka fighting her friend. Also, fuck Q-tip.


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