Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 6

This Just Can’t Be Right

The last episode ended on a cliffhanger. Sayaka and Kyoko fought for a while and seemed to be an equal match. Madoka almost made a contract to stop the battle but, luckily, Homura appeared to fix things up. Mad is still safe, for now.

Oh, I get it now! Homura can teleport (or maybe run so fast she appears to have teleported, you never know) which explains why she could survive the building, and the witch that killed Mami. This baffles Kyoko, so I’m assuming no other magical girl has that ability. Pls nerf.

Ok, what the hell, Sayaka? She tells Homura to get away from the fight. Look, I know she’s an emotionless bitch but she tried to protect you from a life of fighting witches and you answer by refusing her help? Ever heard of the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

Homura is having none of it and instantly knocks Sayaka out with a bump to the back of her head. I wonder if her spine can recover from that.

I really like Homura here, she basically tells Kyoko to not pick a fight with a magical girl and to stop being a dumbass. She also addresses her by her full name. What’s up with that?

Kyoko reevaluates her strategy and leaves claiming that she had her fun. Yeah, right, I bet she’s freaked out that this anomaly can kick her ass and probably knows a lot about her.

I stand corrected. Homura wasn’t here to save Sayaka-at least not specifically to do that-she was here to stop Madoka from making a wish. So, let me speculate a bit. Madoka will make a wish that will destroy the world as we know it, Homura comes from the future and wished to go back in time to stop her from becoming a magical girl. It’s the most sensible theory I’ve got right now.

Homura warns Mad again and tells her that, if she keeps this up, she will have to kill her and get it over with.

“She can’t mean it, can she?”. You are asking the wrong guy, Madoka. I don’t know where this is going.

The cat says that Homura is planning something and that Mad should watch her back. Go back to hell, Kuhwey, you are annoyed because she ruined your plan.

Oh shit, he knows Homura’s complete name! Which is not that impressive considering he went to school with Mad and could probably see her file. You suck at being threatening, dumb fox.

I’ve been skipping the intro since I started these. I get that the opening is supposed to subvert expectations and everything but it’s still kind of dumb. We get the tone, okay? You can’t just keep using the generic anime song. This is all assuming the lyrics and visuals are not meaningful which, considering the reputation this series has, I bet they are.

It represents the duality of man.

I don’t like this at all. Sayaka used the grief seed to clean her soul gem. The cat explains that it’s dangerous for them to absorb too much darkness because a witch could hatch from them and advises her to give it to him. So, the witches fight monsters that drop eggs that they use to fight more monsters and that probably create more monsters? That doesn’t sound bad at all.

Satan has a toilet on his back where he drops the seed. I’m positive that’s actually a portal to a random place in the world and that the seed will hatch into a witch. This also adds weight to my theory of the cat being responsible for Mami’s death. He probably planted the seed that created the witch that killed her.

“It’s one of my many duties”. There’s also being the embodiment of eeriness and manipulating young girls.

Speaking of, the fox thing mentions the incident with Kyoko to convince Sayaka to hunt more witches and keep her soul gem squeaky clean so she can use more magic and defeat her.

Fortunately, she realizes something doesn’t add up and asks him why Mami didn’t need a reserve of gray seeds. The cat saves face by agreeing with Sayaka and saying that Mami was much more talented than her.

Satan mentions that there happens to be a potential magical girl whose powers would be incredibly strong. Madoka. Yeah, you really are fulfilling your duty now, aren’t you Kyubey?

At least Madoka has a good friend that refuses to force her to sign a magical contract. For now, anyway.

I really gave Kyoko a chance, I knew it was too early to judge her character, especially in a series that made me like the brooding asshole and the overly emotional protagonist but she just keeps doing clichés. I mean look at her, Dance Dance Revolution? Are you kidding me? Please tell me Johnny Steps is going to appear any second now.

At least Homura is there to talk to her. The scene could still use Johnny Steps, though.

The animation of Kyoko dancing repeats itself after a while. It’s a shame because it’s usually pretty decent so this just takes me out of the story.

Homura invokes rationality and tries to solve things peacefully by offering Kyoko the town, saying that she will deal with Sayaka on her own.

Things seem to get better but the redhead wants to know something, who is Homura? I’m with her. Who are you, Homura Akemi? If that even is your actual name.

“Two weeks from today…”. Aha! Homura is from the future. Either that or she gets premonitions.

The deal is this: If Kyoko helps Homura defeat a really powerful witch that will appear in the future, the city is hers. Surprisingly she agrees.

Oh badass, Kyoko is using some biscuit things (I don’t know what they are called) to imitate cigarettes. Be careful, Homura, you might cut yourself in that edge.

Cut back to the girls. Mad tries to convince Sayaka to talk to Kyoko and reach an agreement or something but she’s having none of it and answers back that that little incident wasn’t just a little fight. Come on, battles to the death add character.

Mad plays the devil’s advocate and says that they all have a common enemy. Kyoko, Saika and Homura are not that different in that aspect. Blue doesn’t like Mad mentioning Homura’s name. Come on, you are more pissed off at the girl that saved your ass twice now than the one that tried to kill you?

There’s an interesting theory from Sayaka: Homura let Mami die to keep the grief seed all for herself. Of course, this fails to address that she was trapped in ribbons that Mami had created and couldn’t possibly help her. Overall, a weak argument.

And now she says that Mami was the exception and that every magical girl is self-centered. Ok, now you are just generalizing.

She then asks Madoka what would she do if the familiar Kyoko forced her to let go killed someone she knew. You are losing points fast. Seriously, I don’t even know what your point is anymore.

I think I get it now. Remember all those outdated comments she made throughout the series? She’s a 90s antihero. Or she’s becoming one at least. Seriously though, I don’t want to see Madoka fighting her friend.

You are fucking piece of shit, Kyubew. He says Sayaka won’t listen to him when he was the one that convinced her to fight witches to keep a stash of grief seeds.

A few hours later, Mad is on her bed and I think her mother just arrived from work. Let’s see if she can help.

Weird, she gives Madoka the exact opposite chat that she had with her dad. I knew his advice was crap. Anyway, she says that trying to achieve something so desperately is not healthy. Nice.

“At this point, I doubt it would end on a happy note no matter what anyone did”. Did her mom just break the fourth wall?

Ok, I was with her until now. She says Mad should do something wrong to snap Sayaka out of her reckless behaviour. I guess that means turning into a magical girl.

She goes on saying that if there’s no other choice a wrong option might do. I think she’s had one too many drinks.

Her reasoning basically boils down to this: Is it better to do nothing or something? Both options are valid depending on the situation. You should probably talk to Homura instead.

At least Mad’s mother congratulates herself on having such a good daughter. That’s sweet but she’s probably the reason the world will end in the future.

Ok fair enough, her mom does make a valid point, if Madoka doesn’t learn how to deal with a bad situation now that she’s young, she’s going to get hit pretty hard whenever something like that happens when she’s an adult.

They also joke that Mad should grow up faster so they can both go out and drink. The fuck, lady? Nah, I’m kidding, it’s a good joke.

Cut back to Sayaka in the hospital and I have a bad feeling about this. Kyosuke isn’t there. Sure, he may be in another part of the hospital but maybe he jumped off, after all, the window’s open.

It turns out they just let him go home early since his hands were healed. He still needs to heal his legs so that seems like a rash decision.

Sayaka almost knocks on Kyoske’s door but decides to leave when she hears him playing the violin. I guess he likes that instrument more than you like him. Clamjamed by a violin, lame.

But Kyoko is there! And she ate a churro! Oh my god, she’s a monster

The redhead chastises Sayaka for wasting her wish on fixing Kyoske’s hands. I’ve got to say I see her point because I would have wished for current medicine to be able to cure him but, then again, she’s an asshole and I hate her.

There’s hope, though. She mentions that making wishes for other people always turns out bad which is something Mami warned them about so I have to agree again with her.

While this argument is going on, we get a shot of a few cars driving down the road. Someone’s getting run over in the future.

Ok, Kyoko loses all the support she got from me when she proposes to break Kyoske’s limbs to make him helpless and force him to rely on Sayaka. I don’t get it, what is she trying to accomplish? I thought Homura had already sorted things out with her.

They are going to fight again but Kyoko reminds me of the question I had last episode. What does a magical girl fight look like to the average Joe? ‘Cause she says it would bring too much attention to fight right in front of Kyoske’s house.

The hell? Mad has a projected keyboard over a hard surface. Like the one that shows up in Iron Man.

madoka is tony stark confirmed.png
Infinity War is shaping up to be a really weird movie.

English homework has to wait for now as Satan warns Madoka of Sayaka’s and Kyoko’s imminent fight. At this point you are not even being subtle, Q-tip. You are warning the normal girl instead of Homura or any other magical girl in the vicinity? Step up your game a bit.

Ok this is weird, they chose a bridge over the highway to fight. What about the outskirts of the city? I bet a hobo is going to watch this and he will be very confused.

Nah, sorry Kyoko, Mami has the best transformation sequence yet. Good try, though.

“The annoying bitch has an annoying friend”. I thought this was TV-PG (or whatever the Japanese equivalent of that is) but she just used the b-word. I kinda like this.

Homura just teleported there between shots. That creeped me out but at least she’s going to try to solve this mess and hopefully stop Madoka from making a wish.

Kyoko realizes that Homura is way too fast for her so she gives her a few minutes to convince Sayaka but the latter still wants to fight.

No one is getting run over, but Mad is going to drop Sayaka’s soul gem on the street. When your mom said you should do something bad she didn’t mean “kill your friend”. At least I hope she didn’t.

Oh crap, Sayaka lost her soul. I guess she needs to be in close proximity to the gem to not die since the gem is basically her. Homura is on the case.

I don’t know if Kyoko never saw a magical girl losing her gem (One would think that would be a not so rare occurrence) or is just trying to mess with Mad, but she loudly proclaims that her friend is dead.

Interestingly, Homura’s teleportation doesn’t have the best of ranges so she flash-steps all the way to the truck while running.

I must say I’m liking how Kyoko is reacting to this. She’s freaked out and lost her cool which adds a bit off depth to her character. It was about damn time.

“What does that mean? A hundred meters? What are you talking about?”. Oh, you want imperial units? That’s about 328 feet.

Huh, I was right, the gem is Sayaka and Mad just threw her off the bridge. I guess that explains why Kyoko and Sayaka had their soul gems embedded in their bodies but I don’t remember Homura having one.

Q-tip exposites that the normal flesh and bone bodies they have are nothing more than a shell and that their transformation brings out their magical body so to speak. I dunno, I would have made it so the gem was always inside their bodies, maybe hide is as a tattoo if you really need to have it outside the body.

“You scumbag. You turned us into zombies? Is that what happened?”. Forget everything I said about Kyoko, she just lifted the cat by his neck. That’s a good character in my book.

grabbed by the pussy.png
“Redheaded teen violently grabs a small pussy (+16)”

I can see why the girls are horrified by this revelation and I can’t blame them but I think the cat has done so many bad things by now that making the magical girls invincible at the price of their humanity actually seems tame in comparison.

The fox thing apparently doesn’t care what kind of containment his soul is in so that makes me think he’s actually an evil spirit that took over the body of a nice magical cat.

Homura brings the soul gem back and flips her hair. Enjoy it, you deserve it.

Sayaka is back from the brink, so everything is cool, right? I mean, now they all have a common enemy.

She doesn’t seem to remember what happened. Not the kind of reaction I would expect from temporarily losing her soul.

And that’s it.

Well, this one had a strong ending. That revelation at the end is really creepy and not unnecessarily bleak, just kind of fucked up and a nice spin on a heavily used trope. Still, I didn’t like Kyoko until the end and Sayaka flips her shit way too easily though I like that she wants to keep her friend out of the magical girl business. On another note, Homura is slowly becoming my favorite character. She’s collected, rational, and smart if a bit insensitive; plus she has a mysterious motivation that I really want to find more about.


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