Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 5

There’s No Way I’ll Ever Regret It

So far, Sayaka made her wish (curing Kyosuke’s hands) and she’s now a magical girl but this creates new problems because another magical girl, Kyoko, has her eyes put on Mami’s former territory.

The episode starts with a flashback that shows us when Sayaka made her wish.

Sayaka hesitates for a bit but goes through with it and we get a lovely creepy shot of the cat’s face.

The transformation into a magical girl involves Satan touching her heart (metaphorically and also probably literally) and creating a new soul gem.

Huh, so that’s where those come from. They are literally their souls. I think.

This episode is called “There’s no way I’ll ever regret it”. Yes, she will.

Blue and Madoka play dumb when Hitomi tells them she stayed up late talking to the police about the incident that happened last episode. I know it’s impossible but it feels like Hitomi knows what happened and is actually playing dumb herself. Come to think of it, the woman that Mami saved could remember that she wanted to kill herself.

Sayaa seems really happy now that she doesn’t need to worry about Kyoske. We still haven’t seen her visiting him so I don’t know why she feels so pleased with herself. Things could have gone wrong.

She also admits that having powers makes her feel confident. Kyoko is probably going to kick her ass and teach her a lesson.

At least she tells Madoka that she should have changed her mind before Mami died. It’s a nice sentiment.

The scene continues and Sayaka comes to terms with her guilt. Yeah, she could have used her wish to help Mami but it’s only obvious after the fact and Madoka shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Sayaka leaves to see Kyosuke. And we learn that her wish didn’t fix his legs. Couldn’t you wish for him to be completely healed? Come on Sayaka, this isn’t rocket science!

I don’t like this one bit. Kyosuke is starting to apologize for acting like an asshole. While I think that’s ok, I just know this is going to end badly.

Both go on the elevator to the roof of the hospital. Is Sayaka going to show him her powers or what?

Nope, turns out they had a special party for him. And they even brought his violin so he could play it again.

His father encourages him to play something and I’m afraid he may have forgotten how to play. I dunno, I just feel this nice moment won’t last long.

Scratch that He can. And he decides to play a sad song for some reason. Come on, man, at least try to play something with a bit more energy

Sayaka tells Mami that her wish got granted and that she will absolutely never ever regret it. Don’t say that! We all know you will.

Cut to Kyoko looking at a building (I think it’s the hospital) through some binoculars.

I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with “witch”.

I really don’t like her. Cocky characters are fine and they can work, it’s just that I know she’s more capable than Sayaka and I don’t feel she has earned her powers.

She just fits the “small hotheaded brave child” archetype that I have always loathed. But it’s ok, I need to give her a chance. Madoka also seemed like the usual bubbly girl that was incorruptible and she’s more than that. Sorta.

What a twist! Satan says that he doesn’t really know what Homura’s deal is and he apparently wasn’t the one that gave her her powers. Are there more like him or did she do something else to obtain them? Can we go back to her subplot?

“She’s an irregularity in this world”. Go on. That sounds really interesting. Let me guess: Time travel?

Madoka and Homura are eating and apparently Mad wanted to talk about Sayaka. She starts listing her defects but says she’s overall a good person. Nice save there.

Homura explains what she had already said about kindness being a weakness for a magical girl. People that want to help can’t bare the lack of gratitude and will have to accept it and fight witches for their own sake or die fighting. She also brings up Mami’s death as an example.

Mad flips out at the mention of Mami and I really can’t blame her. While I can see Homura’s point, saying that she died because of her good heart is not exactly a comforting thought.

Madoka tries to convince Homura to become friends with Sayaka so that what happened to Mami won’t repeat itself. Homura coldly states that her friend is gone and there’s nothing she can do about it now.

At least she apologizes for wasting her time since Sayaka’s contract can’t be undone. I would argue there must be a way to somehow cancel it but I can’t think of anything right now.

There’s a nice scene where Sayaka acknowledges her own mortality, one mistake and she’s gone for good. Of course, the cat seems surprised at the idea of being nervous when fighting things that can kill you. I mean, survival instincts? Who needs those?

Sayaka assures Madoka that she can deal with the pressure of witch hunting, no problem. If Mami could, then she also can. Of course, she got eaten by a giant plushie so you may not want to follow her example. At least not the last part.

Madoka asks her if she can go watch her hunting witches. Sayaka accepts. They better not start screwing because I’m sure Hitomi is watching them.

The girls both share a moment of friendship: Mad is trying to be there for her friend and Sayaka is trying to show her that she will take care of herself.

Holy fuck! The cat telepathically asks Madoka if she thought this through and it feels as if he’s gonna eat her face.

Satan continues talking, trying to convince Madoka of signing a contract with him. If Sayaka is overwhelmed, she will be their backup. I think Mad may turn into a magical girl when Kyoko proves too much for Sayaka to handle.

“I’ll always be there to grant it for you”. The cat wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to suck out a girl’s soul. Come to think of it, what does Kyweb actually gain from these contracts? Is he related to the witches? And where do they come from?

Mad and Sayaka go through the city looking for a witch and I just noticed that the latter has a blue C in her fingernail. I guess that’s one way to mark your superpowered humans.

Sayaka’s soul gem leads them to an alley and the ominous music starts playing once again.

Luckily, this labyrinth wasn’t made by a witch but rather a familiar. I wonder how Kyweb can tell them apart. I’m not questioning his knowledge, I’m positive this is maybe the first time he hasn’t lied in a while but I just want to know how he can tell those kinds of labyrinths apart.

This labyrinth’s theme is babies, or at least baby drawings. A giant baby would be a creepy and interesting sight here, come to think of it.

No comments…

Also, I’m calling it: Kyoko will kill the familiar before Sayaka.

I don’t find Sayaka’s clothes that impressive to be honest. The colors are good but the pattern is kinda messy. However, her theme is music notes which is cool.

Hah! Called it. Sorta. Sayaka tried to attack the familiar (a crude drawing of a little kid on an airplane) by throwing a bunch of swords but a whip appeared out of nowhere. That must be Kyoko.

Kyoko points a spear at Sayaka’s throat. Have I made clear that I really dislike her? Oh, I have? Well, you get the idea then.

While Sayaka explains that killing the familiar even if it doesn’t drop EXP is a good thing, Kyoko eats a fish-biscuit-thing. The hell?

So basically, familiars are baby witches or something (I still wonder how a witch can be born of an egg but whatever) and Kyoko plans on letting it go for now until it grows into a witch and then she will kill it.

She also does this weird thing where she keeps walking even though Sayaka is in front of her to show dominance. I would just step out of the way and let her keep walking.

Kyoko mocks Sayaka for wanting to save people and we get a shot of Kyuehb’s eyes. Now that I think about it, he probably told Kyoko that Mami had died to force Madoka to turn into a magical girl and fight her off the town.

I gotta admit Kyoko’s got a point. Sayaka, if your attack isn’t making your enemy flinch, it’s time to change your strategy. And please aim for her hand, don’t attack her spear like an idiot.

Oh, so it’s a spear nunchuck. Ok, that is pretty awesome. Still no fire powers, though.

There’s some weird logic at play here. Because Sayaka wished for Kyoske to be healed, she has super healing powers. By that logic, Mami should be car-accident proof. Fuck, she actually might be.

I don’t quite get why Kyoko decides to continue the fight. Yeah, she seems like a bully but the comment that pisses her off is Sayaka blaming people like her for Mami’s death. Her earlier comment made it seem like she hated her. Did she actually like her?

“Gonna jump around all day or are you gonna fight back?”. It’s called tiring out your opponent, asshat.

Kyoko naturally gets the upper hand but Sayaka still fights back thanks to her healing powers. They both attack each other with their weapons and, when their tips touch, there’s some sort of feedback that creates a bubble of energy. I’m sure this will send both flying and Sayaka will be the only one standing thanks to her abilities. See what I told you Kyoko?

Well, that didn’t happen. It would have been cool, though.

Madoka has an existential crisis because Magical Girls shouldn’t be fighting each other. I guess she still has to wrap her head around the concept of egocentrism.

Now that I think about it, how would this fight look to a normal person? A pipe got destroyed and the floor was smashed several times. Did it just not happen or what the hell is going on?

Kyweb says something to the effect of “Man, if only there were another magical girl that could end this fight” obviously trying to make Madoka sign a contract with him.

Oh come on! Kyoko does that stupid cliché were one eye inexplicably glows red and her face is hidden in the shadows. You are not a fucking Terminator.

kyoko red eye.png
Schwarzenegger this is not.

Ok, this is it. Kyoko is about to stab Sayaka. Will Mad make her wish or will Homura appear to save the day? I really hope it’s the latter.

Oh yeah! Homura appeared to save Sayaka. Man, Madoka was this close to giving her soul to the Devil.

Weird, is it just me or does Homura have a dueling disk on her arm? I mean, she’s really similar to Seto Kaiba already. That makes you wonder.

Cliffhanger. We don’t get to see what is going to happen with the battle. Shame.

This episode was a slower one and it focused more Sayaka, which is cool. I still don’t like Kyoko but her action scene is well done and her weapon is used effectively. I also like the interaction between Homura and Madoka, they have good intentions even if they have completely different attitudes. Also, I’m betting fifty bucks on Homura.


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