Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 4

Miracles and Magic Are Real

Last time, Mami got eaten by a witch and I’m pretty sure Satan was behind it. There was also some stuff with Sayaka who regularly visits a boy that can’t play the violin anymore. His days are numbered and her wish will probably have something to do with it

Sayaka just got to the hospital where Kyoske, the violinist kid, was and we get a shot of his empty bed and the curtains. He must’ve jumped from the building.

False alarm. He’s just in physical therapy. This makes Sayaka sad.

The nurses that told Sayaka where Kyoske was, tell us the obvious: The kid can’t walk and his fingers are too fucked up to play the violin again.

There’s a nice moment where Sayaka thinks over what she really wants to happen if she wishes for his hands to be cured. Is she selfish or does she actually want to help? They are all screwed anyway.

“I really didn’t understand anything back then”. So, Sayaka is narrating this from the future? That means she survived. Right?

Mad is having breakfast but the ‘Nam flashbacks get to her. She can’t stop thinking about Mami’s death. That makes two of us.

She can’t stand it and starts crying in front of her family. I wonder how she’s going to explain this. Oh, wait, she doesn’t.

On the way to school, Mad telepathically tells Sayaka that they need to talk but she tells her that it’s not the time. Hitomi is hanging again with them after that whole lesbians incident so psychic messages will only make things worse.

I don’t know how you can scientifically prove that someone is suitable for marriage. Are you sure this teacher knows what she’s teaching? What is she even teaching? One day it’s English, the other is Math and now it’s… Anthropology?

Mad and Sayaka feel like strangers in their lives because they can’t share what happened with anyone. I wonder what exactly happened with Mami. I mean, she’s dead, but what about the legal side of things? Are the police going to investigate her disappearance?

Sayaka asks Madoka if she really wants to be a magical girl after seeing what happened to Mami. There’s a shot of the cat’s face up close and I can just feel him drooling and thinking about how he’s going to fuck up their lives.

The girls wonder what’s gonna happen to the town now that its guardian is dead. A magical girl will probably appear and continue her work but Sayaka points out that she will be selfish like all others. The fucking fox has the gall to answer that both of them can’t judge their actions since they are not magical girls.

The girls decide to not turn into magical girls and the cat leaves, ready to find a vulnerable girl to prey on.

Mad enters Mami’s apartment and I guess she had a legendary lockpicking skill because I don’t remember her getting Mami’s key.

Oh, now I get it. See, with Mami out of the picture, Kyweyb can pressure the girls into making a wish but the fact that she died in combat means that Sayaka and Madoka feel guilty for not continuing her legacy. Clever bastard cat.

Homura is here. I wonder if she’s going to understand what Mad’s been through or if she is only here to raid Mami’s apartment. Ten bucks say it’s the latter.

Well, I just lost ten dollars. Homura is actually being sensible here and telling Madoka that she shouldn’t feel guilty because there was nothing she could do.

“So, first time seeing someone decapitated, huh? Don’t worry, it gets easier after the first 20 or so”

Homura is acting like a normal human for once. She explains that even if Mad had never been thrust into this situation, Mami would still have died.

While walking down the street, Mad brings up that Homura is a really strong magical girl. As such, she probably saw lots of people die. Homura lost count a long time ago.

My god, it’s like they are reading this document. According to Homura, Mami had no family so her disappearance won’t be noticed until a while. Also, her body is still in the labyrinth.

So every magical girl will eventually die because of a witch and their body will never be found by the police. They remain disappeared forever and no one knows they saved countless lives. And Peter Parker thought his life was crap.

Mad says that she won’t forget Mami or even Homura since she saved them from the witch. Homura describes Madoka as a kind girl but adds that kindness can lead to horrible tragedies. Yeah, Madoka is gonna destroy the world by accident.

Back at the hospital, the budding relationship between Sayaka and Kyoske is kind of stuck thanks to the latter barely speaking. Dude, I know your body got destroyed but don’t be an asshole to the girl that’s always there for you. Hell, just tell her you want to be alone if you really want to. That’s better than ignoring her.

“Stop torturing me already”. You are the guy listening to classical music and not bringing up other topics of conversation. You are the one torturing yourself.

“I don’t wanna hear this crap anymore”. Ok, you deserve those six arms, buddy.

The guy goes berserk against the CD player and cuts his hand in the process. One the one hand, he’s under a lot of stress; on the other hand, he’s treating Sayaka like dirt.

Kyoske angrily says that he won’t be able to play ever again unless a miracle happens. I bet he read the script.

Creepy cat appears on the window as soon as Sayaka assures the ex-violinist that magic is real.

Cut to another place where Mad wonders why Homura and Mami hated each other. I guess Mami deep down wanted to fight alongside other girls while Homura doesn’t want anyone to follow her example.

Oh no, Hitomi was kissed by a witch. She’s gonna die and there’s nothing Madoka can do except maybe call Homura.

I just noticed that the music that plays in these creepy moments is like from that SpongeBob episode where caveman Bob makes fire for the first time.

Hitomi is not the only one affected, it seems, and they are all walking like zombies to a warehouse. I think the police would notice a bunch of people walking like drug addicts and going all to the same place.

Mad can’t call Homura because she doesn’t have her phone number. The warehouse is actually a small factory owned by one of those zombies. They start mixing two chemicals and there’s a PSA flashback that tells us that mixing them is a bad idea.

“This ingredient is made of blur. And this has some blur in it too. Blur is very dangerous; you should never mix blur with blur”.

I dunno, but I think zombie-Hitomi’s reasoning is a bit flawed. If carnal bodies are really holding you back wouldn’t it be a good idea to live your life to the fullest and then die and go to the awesome afterlife?

Mad saves the day without superpowers. She just throws the bucket of blur through a window. The zombies are pissed off and more zombie-like than ever.

After escaping from Michael Jackson’s music video, Mad is trapped in a small room with the zombies outside trying to force the door open. Time for more LSD!

A blue worm thing that constantly laughs appears near Mad.

Also, a bunch of mini-mannequin angels come out of the TVs in the room to attack her. Maybe the witch is a giant TV like in that Freddy movie.

Did Madoka just die? I mean, maybe not but she just exploded.

Oh crap, another studio is animating her! That can’t be healthy.

Interestingly, they show us the previous episode on the TVs and I have to say I really like Mami’s magical outfit. It’s not overly bright or colorful and it has a nice balance of colors. And that hat is great.

Survivor’s guilt is slowly destroying Mad’s mind since she feels like shit for not taking up Mami’s mantle and even sort of accepts the labyrinth as her personal hell for not being brave enough.

Luckily, a blue blur saves Madoka. It’s probably Homura but I can’t help but feel that it’s actually Sayaka.

Oh shit, it is. The kid is gonna die soon.

I’m disappointed. Sayaka’s weapon is a sword. I was promised a bat, damnit!

Huh, the witch was a TV. Cool, I guess.

Homura’s senses are tingling and goes to where Sayaka and Madoka are, furious of the former making a contract.

Ok, Sayaka, I like your outdated attitude but couldn’t you see that you are going to spend the rest of your very short life fighting creatures that can and will kill you and not having time to actually live your life? Do you really think that even if Kyoske wasn’t an asshole you are going to have the time to form a relationship with him?

Kyoske wakes up feeling his healed hands but the ominous music doesn’t make me think that this is going to end well.

Cut to the cat and a redheaded girl.

Mhmm. I don’t like this character already. She’s a redhead so she’s obviously hot-headed, she has an inexplicable fang that means she’s fierce, and her attitude and the fact that she casually shits on Mami are really off-putting. It’s just a character design choice I really dislike. She can die for all I care.

First impression: Annoying brat.

Her name is Kyoko and I think she loves to eat apparently. She’s contemplating taking the city away from Sayaka.

Eh, Homura was a robot and the old Japanese dream of an athletic and intelligent kid but at least she wasn’t edgy. I really don’t like this Kyoko chick.

And that’s it.

Overall, this was a good episode. I especially liked the scene between Homura and Mad, and Sayaka’s dilemma is understandable if a bit frustrating. That said, I don’t like Kyoko one bit but I guess I need to see more of her to judge her character. I don’t know, I feel like the ending scene should have featured Homura and not this random chick that was taken from a lolita hentai. Or maybe Pokémon. You make the call.


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