Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 3

I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore

What happened so far? Madoka and Sayaka tagged along Mami and watched her hunting a witch. They seem sold on the idea of being magical girls and helping people (Mad more than her friend) but we all know things will go down eventually.

We start right off the bat with someone in a hospital bed. Sayaka is there to visit him/her (I can’t tell).

It’s a kid and she gives him a CD. Pfft, old technology, you so wacky.

“You know I could have downloaded this straight from YouTube, right? It’s on the public domain, Sayaka”

Oh, so Sayaka was in that store in the first episode to find a CD for him. Nice continuity there.

By their interactions, I guess they are not relatives but Sayaka is a bit too awkward for them to be childhood friends. He also probably has like 10 minutes of screentime before dropping dead.

They show us what I think is a flashback of that kid playing the violin and it’s that same song they are listening to right now.

The guy tried to kill himself, apparently, given the bandages on his left arm. I’m assuming he cut his tendons and now he can’t play anymore, hence the tears.

I just noticed the opening shows Mami, Madoka, and Sayaka as magical girls. Way to ruin the suspense!

Is that grey cat ever going to show up?

We start with Mami summoning her giant handgun and shouting “Tiro Finale!” before firing. As far as magic techniques go, it has a decent name.

Once again, Mami earns my admiration by reminding the girls that what she just did is pretty dangerous. This confuses me a bit because I’m sure the cat is evil, yet she’s most likely not.

Turns out that physics-defying trick was worthless because it was just a familiar so, no reward for you Mami.

Mami asks the girls if they know what they are going to wish for but, eventually, Mad in turn asks her what she wished for. Mami stops walking. I guess her wish didn’t come true. But then, why would she prepare them to be magical girls? Maybe she’s looking for a replacement.

Random flashback, Mami was in a car accident as a child and I’m sure her parents died.

Satan appeared, granted her wish (“I don’t wanna die”), and turned her into a slav-Eh, I mean magical girl.

“I think the life I have now is better than being dead”. There’s looking on the bright side and then there’s this.

Sayaka pulls the hypothetically routine and asks if the wishes have to be for herself. I think she’s onto something, that broke The Devil’s contract in the remake of Bedazzled.

The cat-fox wonders if that hypothetical wish is for Kyoske, the kid that used to play the violin. That explains why she was so reluctant to wish for herself in the second episode.

Uh, I think I know where this episode is going. You can wish something for someone else but, according to Mami, you should be careful with that. The kid is suddenly going to grow six arms and kill himself, isn’t he?

There’s a nice moment where Mami asks Sayka(?) if she’s thinking about granting his wish because it would make him happy or because it would make him owe her one.

A bit of a passive-aggressive fight here: Mami says it’s okay to take a while to decide what to wish for but Kyebey(?) says they should do it as soon as possible.

Oh crap, Mad admits she’s not particularly remarkable and that she wants to be like Mami. Remember, she said the reason behind a wish was really important, don’t fuck this up.

Man, the uncanny valley sure can apply to 2D animation. Satan preys on Mad’s insecurity by saying that she would be even more powerful than Mami.

Mad’s dad knocks on her door. Looks like mom is drunk again. I bet her wish will have something to do with that.

So far, the episode hasn’t toyed with my heart like “Appa’s Lost Days” did but it still makes a lot of details take on a darker meaning. In this case, Mad’s mom wasn’t just sleepy in the first episode, she was fucking wasted.

Cyril dad explains that Mad’s mom likes overcoming the challenges in her job, even if they mean extra hours and the like. I think you shouldn’t be talking so positively about your wife’s alcoholism.

This situation is supposed to mirror Mad’s dilemma. It doesn’t matter if her life isn’t like in her dreams, as long as she lives it like she wants to.

Mami is alone in a foggy park. This can only end well.

Homura confronts Mami on letting the cat force two young girls into taking up a horribly brutal life. She’s got you there.

Homura apparently doesn’t like using first names alone. She says Madoka is super important for some reason.

Oh snap! Mami asks Homura if she doesn’t want Madoka to become a magical girl because she’s afraid she will overshadow her. She also calls her a loser.

Magical girl fight!

Aw come on! They don’t fight but Mami says she will attack her on sight if she ever sees her again.

Cut to the hospital.

“And I came all this way, talk about rude”. Yeah, Kyoske is toast. Sayaka is totally going to wish for his arm to heal but for selfish reasons.

A witch is about to hatch but Mami is nowhere to be found. I’m betting the cat put the seed there to force them to turn into magical girls. That asshole.

Tension rises. They need to call Mami to deal with this but the egg’s gonna hatch any minute now. Will Sayaka make her wish? Probably. Will it have horrible consequences? You fucking bet.

Mad goes running after Mami without even trying to use one of those bikes in the background. She’s gonna regret that.

The labyrinth opens and engulfs Kyebweb and Sayaka. The place is actually kind of creepy once the music is not played at full volume.

Fucking fox trying to convince Sayaka to make her wish. Don’t freak out and wait for Mami to get there.

Luckily, Mami is here and she’s about to enter the place. The cat says they are fine and the witch hasn’t hatched yet.

I think I know what this place reminds me of. That really weird cartoon similar to Chowder, the one about pirates and a kid called Flapjack. That show used realistic stuff in a creepy and effective way.

Homura is back for round two. Congratulations, you just accidentally forced a girl to make her wish and turn into a magical girl because now Mami and you are going to waste time fighting, the witch will hatch, and Sayaka will have to wish Kyoske to get his arms fixed to not die.

According to the brunette, this witch is not like your usual witches. Mami is having none of it and traps her in magic ribbons

Mami and Madoka leave her and enter a tunnel filled with what I think are pill capsules. Madoka says she knows what to wish for but that Mami will be upset when she hears what it is.

Mami has a low opinion of herself because when Madoka says she looks up to her and she actually wishes to become a magical girl, she only answers by saying that she doesn’t deserve it.

“It’s not fun, being a Magical Girl”. I think I get it, she was basically forced to take up this life or die and Mad is saying that she wishes for a similar fate. I guess she doesn’t know who Spider-Man is.

Bad decision Mad. You are going to become the emotional crutch of an emotionally unstable girl.

The usual options for a wish make an appearance: Money, fame, and boys. But I don’t think Mad is going to wish for something like that.

Mami makes a deal: Choose something now or, after she deals with the witch, she gets a cake. I don’t have to tell you that that’s a lie.

The witch is about to wake up. And prom’s tomorrow!

I like this transformation. She turns into a ball and comes out with her magic clothes. It’s fast but also has style. Mami’s leitmotif is also growing on me.

I think the witch overheard their conversation because Mami is fighting in a giant cake. It’s kind of awesome, all things considered.

This witch is a stuffed animal? I mean, I guess it makes as much sense as her labyrinth.

Mami just totally executed the stuffed animal with a point blank shot to the head.

I’m pretty sure that’s against the Geneva Conventions but you are the expert here.

Tiro Finale!™ is apparently not enough against the witch and I swear there’s a Pokémon with the exact same face she just made.

Cut back to Homura. She’s free because the ribbons broke apart. Did Mami just die?

Holy shit! She actually did!

She’s being eaten alive!

Oooooh! Now I get the head jokes.

“Hurry! Make a contract with me before it’s too late” Can you slow down a peg? The veteran just died, do you actually think they are going to fare any better against a witch?

Homura to the rescue! Wow, never thought I would say that.

Did Homura just die? “You know it was really unclear”.

Nah, she’s fine. She’s dodging the witch’s attacks like a pro.

And she just exploded inside her mouth.

The witch apparently had regenerative abilities since it grows back its head each time Homura makes the last one explode.

Ouch, Mami’s blood is up there.

So, I take it this is like the Watchmen of the magical girl genre, then?

Sayaka doesn’t want Homura to use Mami’s grief seed. She retorts that she’s the only one that has any actual use for it.

You know Homura, if you were less of a bitch, I’m sure Mad and Sayaka would see your point.

Oh, nice touch! The ending here doesn’t have a happy tune like the first two episodes did.

And I guess that’s the end.

Holy fucking balls! I had the feeling Mami was going to die at some point but in the third episode? That’s cold and kind of disappoints me because I really thought she was a cool character thatcould have had a nice arc. But it’s ok, this isn’t your childhood’s Magical Girl Anime and death actually means something. Now I’m more worried about Sayaka’s and Madoka’s wishes because this is only the start of the deconstruction and all bets are off. It’s only downhill from here, isn’t it?


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