Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 2

That Would Be Truly Wonderful

So, last time we saw Satan disguised as a cat, a blonde girl that could summon shotguns and the series took drugs for the first time. I think that’s an apt summary.

We begin with the blonde girl transforming again and summoning her shotguns (I love those). And her name was Momo Tomoe (That’s probably not how you spell her name but it reminds me of another Momo).

The resemblance is uncanny.

This is kind of weird but they recap and show new stuff at the same time. Can’t say I dislike it.

Momo made a contract with Satan. She’s screwed, isn’t she?

Mad wakes up the same way she did last episode. This better not be one of those dreaded time loops I’ve heard so much about.

“I had another weird dream” How much of that episode was in her head and how much was real? I’m guessing all of it is real.

The cat was watching her sleep the whole time. Creepy.

Madoka gets a warning for not telling her parents where she was. I would be pissed off if I were her mother, but that’s just me.

No one can see Kyuwey/Qube/the cat thing. That just makes him a lot creepier.

The series takes a page from Lost and shows us what happened after Momo saved the girls while Mad brushes her teeth in the present.

Momo lives alone and has an incredible apartment. I bet that came with the magical girl powers.

“You are both involved in this, like it or not” Uh, I’m starting to get creepy vibes from her. I don’t think shotguns or a cool hat are going to make me overlook this.

After creating a contract, the cat thing creates a soul gem. If Skyrim taught me anything, it’s that her powers are fueled by the souls of her enemies.

Ok, so Kubeh here works like Mephisto. You get one wish, anything you want. So, I guess “more wishes” is a valid wish.

“I can grant the most impossible of miracles” How about moving your mouth when you speak? That’s fairly simple, isn’t it?

Blue’s mind goes wild thinking about what they should wish for but Mad tries to calm her down.

The cat says that having a soul gem means you will have to fight witches. I guess Homura is a witch then?

Back in the present, Madoka does the “hypothetically” routine and asks her mother what she would wish for if she could get anything. Naturally, she’s thinking about firing her coworkers.

Witches are the antithesis of magical girls, the latter are born from curses instead of wishes. They are also invisible and all around nasty people. The twist is that witches and magical girls are the same thing, right?

And I guess they create depression? Those motherfuckers.

At least Momi explains that they should think if they really want to be magical girls because they could end up dying. Blue’s toast.

The blonde lets them come with her to some witch hunts to see if they really want to do that. If this doesn’t involve setting them on fire, I’m going to be disappointed.

The next day, Blue chokes when she sees the cat on Mad’s shoulder. Why did he take an interest in her and not the other one? There’s something fishy going on here.

Random telepathic communication freaks Blue out. Leave her alone, Mad.

Green is weirded out by Blue’s and Mad’s connection. She doesn’t know about the cat so I guess she thinks they fucked.

Ok, this was funny for a while but now Green really thinks they are lesbians. Any other show would joke about it and then move on, but I guess it will be significant here.

Blue brings up the fact that taking the cat to school is a risky move since Homura is in their class. Luckily Momoi can hear their thoughts. She’s getting creepier by the minute.

Flashback time again. Homura was after Satan to stop him from creating more magical girls. Can’t blame her, really.

This world works like an MMO. All magical girls go after witches to win EXP or a “reward” so they attack each other to see who defeats the witch and gains the extra points.

The Big Ben sounds in the background. What’s up with that?

After a boring class of English (I guess?), Sayka and Madoka have lunch with Satan. He can eat so I wonder if people see a bunch of food floating around near the floor when they look at him.

Weird scene where Blue realizes she doesn’t know what to wish for and chalks it up to having a pretty good life and not wanting to risk losing it. They briefly show her and what I think is a body in a bed. Did she kill her father?

Homura appears but Momoi is watching the whole thing so it’s okay.

She’s curious to know if Mad will accept the cat’s offer and says she already warned her. Mad will go through with it anyway, right?

She briefly stops walking and looks at the girls in the eyes when Mad asks her what she wished for. I guess the wishes only technically come true, you only get what the cat wants in the end.

Hitomi (the green haired girl) is a drama queen. Her mother should really make her have acting lessons.

I was going to say that “Magical Girl Experience” sounded like a strange videogame name but Momoi admits it’s a name she came up with on the spot. She may be getting creepier but she still has a sense of humor.

Blue brought a bat to beat up witches. If that’s not her actual weapon when she gets her powers, I’ll be pissed.

I was wearing headphones while watching this so I was startled when they showed Mad’s sketchbook and loud music came up. She can certainly draw but she should really work on those lifeless eyes.

Mad feels sorry for accidentally making Momoe lose the witch she was hunting yesterday. Momoi says it’s okay but Madoka knows better than to ignore something that will end up biting their asses 5 episodes from now.

We get a brief scene of Madoka’s mother entering an abandoned building. I’m not really sure what that means but I guess she also made a contract?

The girls talk about what witches usually do but the background music taken from the opening of MIB: The Animated Series is making me miss a few details.

Oh crap, remember that witches cause depression? Mad’s mom is going to jump off a building.

And Japanese tradition of taking off your shoes before committing suicide makes an appearance. Never knew why that was ever a thing.

False alarm, the woman wasn’t her mother but luckily Momoi saved her with magic spiderwebs. Also, witches like to kiss their victims, they must work like vampires.

Are you really going to leave the lady that tried to kill herself alone and knocked out in the street? Ok, you are the expert here.

Wohoo! Blue’s weapon is a bat! And witches seem to live inside portals.



LSD mode engaged.

On closer inspection, Momoi gun’s is more similar to an old rifle than a shotgun. Still cool, though.

The witch at the center of the labyrinth gets a boss title and it’s made out of flowers, cotton candy, butterflies, and I think meat too.

Momoi summons more guns from her skirt. Cool.

And now, more guns come from her hat. Okay, now you are overdoing it.

Unfortunately, this witch is really intelligent and attacks her with every Japanese girl’s weakness: A tentacle.

I never knew creating a giant handgun was a possibility here. I would open every fight with that.

The witch takes that bullet to the face as well as you would expect, her labyrinth collapses, and she leaves an egg behind.

Momoe reveals those things help clean her soul gem. So you fight monsters with magic to gain magic to fight more monsters?

She throws the egg at Homura and says she can use the rest. Homura is not amused and throws it back at her.

The girl that jumped wakes up and is super confused and sad because she tried to kill herself.

Mad falls in love with the idea of being a hero and helping people. This is gonna end badly, that’s for sure.

And, last shot of Madoka designing her magical dress. More superheroes should wear pink.

That’s it. This episode was less crazy than the first one, probably because it didn’t have to establish everything. Still, it was entertaining and I really like Momoi/Momoe/Mummy/Momo and her action scenes. I already know the next one is a game changer but I don’t know exactly why. It can’t be that bad, right?


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