Liveblog: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Episode 1

So, I heard some people talking about this show and saying it was trippy and dark. Not being an anime fan I said fuck it, and decided to watch it to see what the fuss was about. Regardless of quality, it’s going to get weird so at least that should be interesting.

I only know that episode 3 is dark but I really don’t know why.

I First Met Her in a Dream, or Something…

I brushed my teeth and it’s almost Tuesday. I think I’m ready to start this series.

Did I put on the right show?

We start with a prologue. Ok.

Weird stairs, maybe this is a dream.

There’s a girl running in a Wonderland-esque place. It has a bunch of clocks for some reason.

A wild exit sign appears.

Oh shit, she opened the door and rock music started playing. I’m pumped.

Ok, more like Indian Rock or something. It has a lot of women singing incoherently and I suddenly feel the need to join the navy.

Wait, no, they are singing in Japanese.

This chick with longer hair took a building to the face like a champ. Or maybe she just teleported. Or she has a shield.

I think the Firelord is trying to kill her. I guess both girls are friends.

A cat (where did it come from?) says she shoulda seen coming that fighting alone was a bad idea but the pink one says it’s too much for her.

The pink one can change the future? Is this the future?

Not even three minutes in and this girl is already making a deal with satan-cat-thing.

Was it all a dream? Obviously not.

Skipping the intro because fuck it.

The pink-haired girl is Madoka, good to know.

She has a little brother that’s an annoying shit.

She made the kid shut up. I like her already.

What kind of reversal is this? Why is the daughter waking up the sleepy mom? What the hell is going on?

The little shit inherited his mother’s voice.

Girl talk. How old is Madoka anyway? She looks 11 but she could easily be 18.

Numbered makeup. Is that a thing? Maybe the animators forgot to erase the numbers.

“I look fabulous” You still got a weird potato head, lady.

Madoka wonders if a pink ribbon is too flashy. I guess pink hair is normal in her world.

Why can’t the little shit eat with his hands?

Shot of a weirdly designed clock. I bet this will come back later and I will be impressed with the dedication of the people behind this series. Or maybe it’s just a weird shot.

The picture behind the mom changed. Guess this is the future after all.

Madoka’s dad sounds a little like Cyril from Archer and Morty’s dad.

Is eating your breakfast while walking to school a universal law or something?

♪ Elevator music ♪

Girl talk again (I bet this will also gain a dark meaning later on) and one of Mad’s friends says “way cool”.

Mad’s secret is out! She likes boys. In other news, water is wet.

The blue haired chick teases Mad for talking with her mom about boys. She won’t let her go.

“You are mine Madoka” Maybe I’m just paranoid but I feel like every line here will mean something else 10 episodes down the line.

The first class of the day is how to cook an egg. This is actually something they should teach in school, no joke.

Wait nope, this is a feminist message? Dafuq?

Oh, the teacher broke up with her boyfriend/husband.

New student and she’s… DUN DUN DUN the chick from Mad’s dream.

I remember when I was introduced to the class as the new guy. I never blew anyone away with my gorgeousness =(

Mad realizes she’s in an anime series. And not any anime, a deconstructive one.

The dream girl is Homuda? Spelling is not my forté.

The teacher has my back here, it’s spelled Homura Akemi.

Everyone claps because she had her own marker? I don’t even know anymore.

Homura makes friends, she’s still unemotional.

“There’s something awfully mysterious about that girl” I guess this is what they call The Rival.

Homura wants to go to the nurse’s office. I don’t believe she’s sick. This is all part of a really weird plan.

Mad’s surname is Kaname (spelling?) and Homura knew it all along.

Madoka is a nurse. I think you need to be a little bit older to do that. Maybe it’s a Japan thing?

Homura says Mad should take her to the nursery. She obviously knows who she is, but how did she get that information?

For a second there, the animation makes it seem like Homura and Madoka are walking without going anywhere.

Oh, Mad’s a nurse aide. And Homura is leading the way. How someone that’s new in school knows where the nursery is, I have no idea.

Mad brings up these questions but Homura doesn’t answer. My guess? She read the script.

Homura is a weird name according to Madoka. Are you sure that’s the only weird thing about her?

Uh oh, they are alone in a corridor and Homura is asking Mad if she values her life. Things are going south, aren’t they?

So, according to Homura, if you change your life or who you are, you will lose everything you love. Good thing Mad didn’t do anything like that…

I guess Mad’s arc will deal with her wanting to change to save her world and not wanting to change to actually enjoy it. I admit I may be talking out of my ass here.

It’s too late at night to try to figure out what’s up with those functions Homura solved.

Holy shit! The whiteboard moves!

Also, everyone is fascinated by Homura’s mad math skillz instead of calling her a nerd or simply not paying attention.

Ah, the old “I’m good at every subject and popular to boot” archetype. I always hated those.

And now she broke a record? I bet she has a horrible life to compensate for her abilities.

Mad is scared of Homura. I don’t know how she can go to gym class without a spine.

First look at the satan cat. He’s adorably small.

It’s cool that Mad’s friends react like normal human beings when she tells them about Homura.

Well, the blue chick did, Green is of the opinion that they have already met and Homura is screwing with her.

Oh, casual fourth wall acknowledgement when Mad tells her friends she saw the girl in a dream. I love those.

Green still wants to push her opinion. Did you also read the script?

Green has a mother that wants to push her to be good at everything and she’s rich.

The cat is running from something or someone and she’s dodging purple orbs like they are nothing.

Homura is hunting her. My theory is that she is aware of Mad’s contract and knows what’s gonna happen because she already lived through it once.

Mad gets psychic messages from what I think is the cat.

This leads her to a checkered wall with a closed door and a “Don’t open” sign.

Nothing escapes me, the exit sign is the same one on Mad’s dream. Dunno what exactly that means but I saw it.

The cat falls from the ceiling bleeding and a menacing chain appears. I sense a Xiaolin Showdown coming up.

The cat’s a he? Anyway, Homura wants to kill it but Mad is having none of it. I bet Homura won’t explain what’s going on.

Yep, called it. “This doesn’t concern you” Homura may be great at math but basic logic eludes her.

Homura is surprised that the cat called Madoka. I don’t know how she’s going to react but it won’t be pretty, that I know.

Blue to the rescue! I didn’t see that one coming. She actually used an extinguisher to help her friend instead of appearing after the fight was over saying “Where were you?”

The episode takes a bit of LSD and the screen gets covered with realistic butterflies and… an ad for a game? I give up.

Pictured: The drugs kicking in.

“Why is this happening now?” As opposed to next week?

The LSD effects affect Blue and Mad and now they can’t get out.

Living cotton candy with mustaches? Yeah, that just happened.

What the fuck is going on?

I think the voices in the background are reciting the alphabet?

A blonde girl appears and, for once, I’ve seen her before somewhere. Moto, Moti, Mamo, Momi, something like that.

Qube is Blue’s real name? Oh no, that’s Satan.

And my question about Mad’s age is answered. She’s an eighth grader so somewhere between 13 and 15.

Blonde with tails gets her name asked and instead of saying “I’m X” she starts to dance. And then she turns into a magical girl?

While I’m not a fan of magical girl transformations, her little hat is great.

She can summon shotguns?! Holy shit, she’s my favorite right now.

Reality is fixed but Homura is back.

Apparently, Blonde is a bigger fish than the model student and basically tells her to GTFO.

She’s oddly serene. It’s starting to creep me out. Also, her eyes make it seem like she’s sleepy or high.

The digimon greets the blonde for saving him (her?) but she brushes it off and makes Madoka and Blue take the credit.

Satan knows her full names and Blue is Syaka, Saka, or something.

The cat wants to make a contract with the girls. He’s going to sell you a condo, don’t listen to the rat!

And, the End.

While it was a bit out there, I don’t see anything that really makes this episode incredibly dark or anything. I haven’t seen any magical girl anime save an episode of Card Traptor (or whatever that was called). It’s mostly set up but I know that will change in no time.


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